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    wac02078 approved

    My day has finally come. My wife's derivative application was approved almost a month ago. Contacted lawyer who made enquiries to CSC and it seems that mine was approved, but they just forgot about it. Thanks to everyone on this forum and good luck to all who are still waiting. hoser
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    WAC02078 Derivative Approved, Primary Pending

    After what has seemed an interminable wait, we finally have some progress. My spouse's derivative application was approved on 11/03 and we recieved the notice in the mail. My Primary appilcation is still pending. Go figure
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    Return of the Disappearing Cases

    Have any of the disappeared cases reappeared?
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    Fast AP approval CSC

    My online status just changed to approved for an AP that was received on 11 March. This is in stark contrast to the estimated processing time of 180-220 days and far quicker than the last one that my wife applied for which took 6 mos. Thought that you might be interested