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    Derivative applicant approved first?

    The same happened for me - my wife was the derivative applicant. The very next day I called the same 1800 number and spoke to a representative. She forwarded me to an officer and repeated the whole story. The officer did not give any info but said mine was being processed. She said that...
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    Plastic Card Tracker

    WAC 02-138 485 AD : 1/18/2005 PP Stamp : 2/1/2005 CO : 2/18/2005 CM : 2/23/2005 Card received : 2/26/2005
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    Taking count of people with WAC-01/02 still not approved - Please participate

    1. Waiting_May2002, WAC-02-184-5XXXX, ND: 05/14/2002, 2FP Done, LUD: 10/1/2004 2. kulfi , WAC-02-250-xxxxx , ND 08/05/2002 , 2nd FP 06/16/04 , LUD 10/05/2004 ->10/27/04-->11/15-->11/16->11/25- Approved on 11/24 3. nath_r - wac-02-153-xxx derivative still waiting. Applied on Apr 2002 4...
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    Worst Case Scenario:If 485 gets rejected:what next

    In case there is a chance for rejection, USCIS will first issue a notice about their intent to deny. You would have a certain period to appeal for reconsideration. I have seen at least a couple of approvals in this forum in this way. If it comes to something like this, ask your lawyer about the...
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    I-485 Approval

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    TRACKING for LUD 10/27/04

    ----------485 Approved List-------------- Kulfi -08/05/2002 ---------------EB3 ----------------Approved on 11/24/04 desi_boston 10/10/02 ..-------------------------------Approved 11/10 lalala-----------12/27/2002------------EB3------------Approved 12/02/04...
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    02-080-xxxxx approved!

    Congratulations ! One of the longest waits indeed - great that it is over finally.
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    wac 02 138 - east2west approved

    Thanks for all your congratulatory messages. hate140delay - I had kept EAD as a standby (in case I got laid off would have used it) just as an extra caution - if I-485 got denied (and thus EAD gets invalidd) I could still fall back on H1B so that I would have some time at least to pack up and...
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    wac 02 138 - east2west approved

    Received the email notification that our (self + spouse) 485-s are approved. It took 34 months ! A big THANK YOU to Rajiv for all his efforts and this forum. And many many thanks to all the participants here who posted valuable tips - logging in here made the long wait slightly less...
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    my I-485 approved but my hasband still

    Are you the primary applicant ? As for me I am the primary applicant and my wife dependent. She got her approval message yesterday (email) but my case shows touched but not approved/RFE issued yet. Most of the times the families get the approval together but the converse is also not...
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    Recevied FP Appt Notice but no I485 receipt?

    Your lawyer might have received the receipt notice that would have all the numbers you need. You will require at least the A# while filling up the form for FP.
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    Finger printing Question

    Send email to with your A# and date of birth. Alternative : call 304-625-5590
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    FP done, but...

    Send an email to and they will tell you when they sent the FP reports to CIS. You may get the response the same day or the next.
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    Has anyone had to do 2nd passport stamping?

    Here is a cut and paste from USCIS site : "If you were granted permanent resident status or entered the U.S. with an immigrant visa more than 60 days ago and have not received your first permanent resident card, please call 1-800-375-5283" You get this information when you log out of...
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    wac02103 no 2nd FP, need advice what next

    You may want to try Wednesday at about 3:30pm when there are no lines. I went a week early - no questions asked - came out in 10 mins. I sent an inquiry about the FP results yesterday ( and just got an email regarding FP results - they said the results were returned to CIS...
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    wac02103 no 2nd FP, need advice what next

    No online status change for me - no change in LUD either.
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    wac02103 no 2nd FP, need advice what next

    Agree with leeee - CSC has its own pace. Congressman, Senators, Ombudsman .... nothing had worked. received my second FP last week - scheduled for Jan 4,2005. Did early FP on Nov 29 (San Jose ASC). The next phase of wait starts now. March 2002 case (WAC-02-138).
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    any April 2002 and before filers still not approved yet ?

    March 2002. No FP2. You are a step ahead of me.