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    Trouble at the end of J-1 waiver completion

    I know this is a couple of months old. How did things work out with your waiver completion ?
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    Wo-hooooooo !!!

    Congratulations. I allways felt that those of you who got hit by retrogression have one of the rawest deals in the immigration world.
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    J1 waiver and GC based on spouse's I-140 filing

    That is correct. She cand do a 'follow to join' petition. All you need to submit for that is her 485 package, proof that you are married and a copy of your I140 approval. Unless you have priority date issues, this should go through in a very expedient manner as there are none of the usual steps...
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    Lightman or Jeffries?

    Jeffries has been discussed on this board.
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    5 years complete on H1B. 1 year left- options?

    greencard You need to find a future employer that is willing to sponsor a green-card for you. The other option would be to self-petition, something alont the extraordinary ability axis in order to have a pending petition when your H1b runs out. But that is difficult and somewhat risky (as...
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    J1 Waiver Job Help

    The recruiting firms that cater to J1 job seekers are in my never humble opinion frauds, particularly the ones that charge the physician thousands and thousands up front. Just do your homework. Look up community health centers, track down the administrators, ask about their staffing needs. Call...
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    what are different ways to apply for green card for j1-waiver physicians?

    Not different from any other employer based greencard. Advertising, labor cert, ability to pay etc. Yes.
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    Wo-hooooooo !!!

    See my reply in the other thread. Also, there is a stickied thread near the top of the page with a general outline of what has to be done for the waiver. Now, that information is current as of mmh 2004 or so. So many of the contacts in the health departments and local policies will have changed.
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    Confused. Need advice

    There is a stickied thread at the top of the page that outlines the process. 4-9 months, mostly dependent on how smoothly the state health department works. You or your employer can file the employment petitition and related steps, to file for the actual card (adjustment of status) you have to...
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    Is it very complicated to get a GC if you're a surgeon?

    > Can a surgeon working in a hospital (not residency) as a full time employee apply for GC just like an engineer would in a regular high tech company? Yes. > What category would such a person fall under? Typically EB-2
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    NIW for Physicians - Steps to do it yourself.

    Congratulations !!
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    Physician Greencard Options Question

    Mh, I would do both, belts and suspenders. I assume you are talking about the NIW in underserved areas. The advantage of that one is that you can branch out on your own, run your own practice and you are not dependent on the goodwill of an employer. Also, it is pretty much guaranteed. If you...
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    Physician Greencard Options Question

    Both EB2, so you won't be able to file a concurrent 485 and you won't be able to get a work permit once your H1b clock is up. Not really. For extraordinary ability, you need to proove that you are in the top 2% of geriatricians. If you have some research and academic pull behind you it may...
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    Is Spouse sponsor J1 Waiver Physician for GC

    Well, take that advice for how much you paid for it. I'm not an attorney. Nebraska. Mailing to plastic card 7 weeks. They where either sick of me or afraid ;)
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    Is Spouse sponsor J1 Waiver Physician for GC

    While the I485 is pending, she is in 'adjustment of status' status which is a legal status. Yes. She can't work until she receives her employment authorization document. To stay at home, kick back and raise the kids, she doesn't need any particular permission ;)
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    Can I work in a US Gove org now that I have my GC?

    Many jobs with the federal goverment will say 'for US citizens only, non-citizens authorized to work may be hired if the director of xyz certifies that the skills of the non-citizen are required for the position' or something of that nature. No crime in applying for a job. I wouldn't bank on...
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    Wo-hooooooo !!!

    Congrats ! I feel for those of you with priority date issues. Don't know about the constitutionality of the national origin quotas. It just seems very unamerican to discriminate against someone purely on the basis of where he is born and how many of his countrymen have immigrated to the US in...
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    Grand jury presentation? help!

    ---> You son needs a better criminal defense attorney. He also needs to get his act together so he doesn't miss court appointments by being in jail.
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    Wo-hooooooo !!!

    Funny, so we where basically in the same boat. In the end, I got it through a follow-to-join based on my wifes petition.
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    Getting Paid for Freelance work under H1B

    Endorse them to your employer, have the employer take out a 'management fee' and pay it as part of your regular salary. Try not to do any monkeybusiness with funneling the money abroad. Those companies will issue you a 1099 at the end of the year and report those payments to the IRS. How are...