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    GC Approved

    Hello Folks, It’s been crazy 3 weeks with so much of stuff going on for me and I am extremely sorry that I could post this information earlier. First good news is that we had a baby boy born 2 weeks back. He is fine. The next good news is that my GC has been approved and I got my cards on...
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    27-MAR-2007 VSC->TSC Xfered cases Unapproved Cases!!!

    Are there any 27-MAR-2007 VSC->TSC Xfered cases Unapproved Cases?? Mine was trasferred on 27-MAR-2007 but no LUD's, no information.. I did see sometime back that the 485 processing dates for TSC was 15-MAR-2007. Anyone any updates? Thanks. GCVaruma.
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    2nd FP completed/Date current on Jun 1 2007/No LUD’s

    2nd FP/Infopass-Name Check re-initiated? Anyone confirm I had completed my 2 FP on 05/09/07 (Code 1). The 1st FP(2005) I had an LUD right after I completed my FP. But it did not happen for my 2nd FP. I took an infopass interview and asked the immigration officer about my case. Here is what...
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    Fees hike on Yahoo

    Link : Thanks. GCVAruma.
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    Change of Address AR11 On-Line

    Not sure if this has been posted before. Change of address for AR11 can be done on-line. Link - Thanks. GCVaruma
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    Light a E-candle for Mumbai Victims

    Please visit the following link and light an e-candle for the Mumbai Victims. For every candle lit - CNN-IBN channel is giving 1 Rupee to the victims. Please send this to as many people as you know: Thanks. GCVaruma