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    Can you bring infant to a biometrics?

    My wife is ready to file N400 just before her due date. She will get her biometrics while she will take care of a baby. I don't want to take day off just for my wife to get biometrics. I want her to go with a baby there and take biometrics ASAP and come back home. Do they allow infants to be...
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    Naturalization and previous illegal work on fraudulent papers

    My friend's wife is applying for citizenship in few months. She received GC after marrying USC. Her illegal stay & work was never mentioned on the interview. Now she wants to apply for citizenship and what to answer if they ask about employment and using false SSN ? She was working on cash...
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    What is USCIS status in this case?

    My fiancee came to the USA 3 years ago on F-1 visa. After 2 years she quits her school (couldn't go to school anymore) and her I-20 is still valid until May 2009. Her I-94 says D/S. What is her USCIS status? OUT OF STATUS, OVERSTAYED or F-1 still ? Please advise. Anyway she is marring to...
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    Aren't they making you to commit false statement?

    Before the oath (in NY) they give voter registration forms and they ask to fill them out and then they collect it. Everyone checks that is US Citizen, but that is not true, since there was no oath before that. Everone is making false statement and court allows it! We are us citizens after oath...
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    Going to Canada by car using old passport

    I plan to go to Canada next day after oath with DL+nat cert and my passport from my origin country. I don't need visa using my passport to get into the Canada. I want to use that passport to get some stamp :D I never got any stamps from anyone and it loos like I don't travel. On my way back I...
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    What docs to take for Oath ?

    I know I need to take: Green card(s) Reentry permit(s) Oath Letter Any USCIS/INS immigration /travel documents Anything else? Do I need to carry passport or anything else? I will drag same day my SSN card (1st time in ages!!!) to apply for passport and few documents to update statu at...
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    Can IO USCIS do not allow legal advisor on interview?

    Someone want to take someone as legal adviser for his N600 interview (not a immigration lawyer). Can they deny to have one?
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    USCIS sent letter, but no IL!!!

    USCIS send me a letter with few questions no related to my n400 application. They assume I know some person that used to live in my apartment complex and they need some information and they asked few questions to answer. They wrote they will appreciate fast reply. I'm thinking to send them my...
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    Letter from Federal Pl @ NYC has arrived today

    to my sister about her N600 application. They ask for some documents and the documents were sent with the application. It's the 2nd time they ask for something! What a garbage they have there ?? They ask to send back within 2 weeks to IO directly, so I know address to direct IO at Federal Pl...
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    NY InfoPass appointment outcome 02/28

    Entire appointment took 40minuts, so it was very fast. Officer just looking into the computer and said my fingerprint has been cleared and I have to wait for IL. He didn't know what is name check, but said fingerprints results are in, so I guess this means I passed name check. He said I'll...
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    Passport ID Card is being issued since Feb 08

    Today I was at the USPS and I saw applications for that card. There is also news about it on the I know it's valid only for crossing border to Mexico and Canada, but it's great proof of citizenship you can carry in the wallet. I'll apply.
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    I hate USCIS!! They returned application, because of insufficient FEE!!

    I sent application by certified mail on Jul 24th and it was postmarked on that day. I checked tracking # and they received it on Jul 30th. They send it back today, because fee was to low and they demand $460 for N600! I hate them.
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    Very important about getting US passport without original nat cert

    My mother is USC since 04/04/07. Same day she applied for US passport at local postal office. Postal clerk took application with certificate and submit application for routine service. She told us to wait 8-10 weeks for a passport to arrive. My mother made a photo copy of this certificate. Last...
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    When OPT?

    Can you apply for OPT after 6 months studying in eligible for OPT school or you must have been for 6 months on F-1 visa in the USA and valid I-20 for eligible for OPT school at the time of applying for EAD?
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    Can you get passport in 1 day in emergency?

    Can you get passport in 1 day, because of emergency situation at Passport office? For example: someone applied at USPS for US Passport and his/her certificate of naturalization was sent with the application, so you have no citizenship proof. But suddenly you need emergency trip abroad. Can you...
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    ssn card has changed?

    My mother updated her immigration status to USC at SSA and applied for a new card, because she lost her a few months ago. Today her ssn card has arrived and there is date of issue on the card. Is it something new?
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    N600 nervous issues

    My father is US citizen since 2003, my mom is still GC holder, on Wednesday she will be US Citizen (will have oath). My sister was under 18 when my father got naturalized. She was still living with my parents in the USA. After my father received his certificate, they applied for US Passport and...
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    Renewing GC. Do the check phisical countinues?

    Can USCIS deny renewing GC, because someone wasn't physical in the USA whole time, but rather lived in other country? Can they trace someone was only 2 weeks per year in the USA?
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    When to marry?

    My friend has interview date for the next week. He is planning to marry her gf, who is on F-1 visa (valid until Nov 1st 2007). He wants to sponsor her. When to marry? After the oath and with nat cert or after interview?
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    Leaving dates on N400 - questions.

    I will apply soon for citizenship, I don't remember exactly leaving dates of the USA. coming back dates I have from passport's stamping. I never got stamped by foreign immigration and once I didn't get stamped from INS officer. I will type something around the date I left. Can they denied me a...