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    Online status down???

    I found this message when I checked the status today: Status for this Receipt Number cannot be found at this time in this automated system. Please check your case receipt number to see if it is correct. If you have questions or concerns about your case status, please contact the service...
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    mailing method for RFE

    Folks, do I have to use the envelop INS provide to send the Rfe back, i mean can I go to UPs and Fedex to do it?
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    RFE question?

    Gurus, I misspelled my parents names and gave middle and last names instead of first names. Now INS is asking for the reason and supporting docs. What should I do? Your help is greatly appreacitate!!! RD: 11/2002 FP: 6/2003 AP: hopefully soon after this stop!!!