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    wac 02 138 - east2west approved

    Received the email notification that our (self + spouse) 485-s are approved. It took 34 months ! A big THANK YOU to Rajiv for all his efforts and this forum. And many many thanks to all the participants here who posted valuable tips - logging in here made the long wait slightly less...
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    EAD only for part time job or side business ?

    Wondering if anybody has any comment on this : Quote from "The primary applicant and his/her spouse can apply for work permit(Employment Authorization Card or 'EAD' in short) which allows the spouse to work for any company and the primary applicant...
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    Message change after inquiry

    Made a phone inquiry on Jun 24. On 7/16 LUD changed from 6/2002 and the message was : "Your case was received on Jun 27,2004 ......" Today the message changed to : On July 15, 2004, we responded to your request for more information concerning your case. If you have not received our...