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    Passport Stamp

    just returned from India. The immigration officer at Chicago did NOT put a entry stamp on my passport BUT put an entry stamp on wife's passport. Is that a problem? Note that we entered via Permanent resident cue. Also we only filled one "Customs" form (1 is required for a family).
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    Chicago Local office

    I have not rec'd my approved 485 yet but I am travelling on Monday 11/22. Will local office stamp my passport based on the printout from the internet? Please need you help immediately? Thanks.
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    Guys I have desparately awaiting to post this email on the forum. Finally after years of waiting today on the eve on Diwali I see the LUD that your case has been approved.
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    Need Help finding a translator

    Do you guys know of any translator in Chicagoland area who will translate birth certificate from Hindi to English?
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    485 Process

    Would it be a true assumption: If there are no criminal convictions, maintained status etc... USCIS will approve your case?
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    Another FP3

    Fingerprint #3 On 8/5/04 I finished FP2 On 9/27/04 USCIS rec'd my response to RFE . On 10/26/04 I rec'd letter stating that a FP3 notice will be issued. I find this strange?! Has anyone heard or experieced receiving FP, then RFE and then FP again? Please help! Why would...
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    Predict 485 (June/Jul/Aug 02 ND) Approval

    Please post your Priority Date - Priority Date - The date your labor certification was approved. It is usually listed on your I-140 approval notice. You will notice that people already approved with Dec 2002 ND have priority date prior to your case. PD 10/2001 ND July 2002 AD ????
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    Derivative Approval

    My derivative was issued supervision for shoplifting. I am a July 2002 filer. Just rec'd RFE on 9/04. You think NSC will hold our approval of I 485 or send it to local office?
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    Letter Confirming Current Employment -RFE

    Hi guys - Can anyone tell where I can find a sample letter cofirming employment with my company? I need to send to USCIS as a part of RFE
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    AP Lost in Mail

    My AP has been approved since 6/04 But NEVER rec'd approval notice in mail. Anyone who has been in a similar situation before? I will appreciate your response. Thanks. 485 PD 7/02