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    Has anyone been successful removing Place of birth from their Passport? country of birth raises red flags when I travel. I even feel I am being questioned longer than an overage person when I come back to the US. I know it can be done. Has anyone actually done it ?
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    How hard is it for a US citizen to immigrate to Canada?

    Is there any difference because of the NAFTA agreement? Can I just get a job in Canada and then process my PR?
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    Passport aplication hurdles.

    Went to the post office to submit my application and ran into two problems :rolleyes:: 1. Apparently you have to have friends to have a passport. I had nothing to put under emergency contact, there is just know one I know in this country. The lady said I have to have one. Ok..I put something...
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    N-400 Team?

    Made a service request not long ago and got this response: "Your case was forwarded to N-400 team"...blah blah blah don't bother us for another 6 months.:rolleyes: California service center. What is this a new team to make services even faster and better?..
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    DO never got my namecheck from FBI? wow!

    I have been writing to Laura Bush and congressmen..etc to assist me with the name check since last April. Got a letter from FBI few days ago indicating that the name check was completed back in March! :eek: < Very strange as I also got two letters in May 9 congressman's office)saying it was...
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    Need something in my passport to indicate my status.

    A lawyer told be that USCIS don't use I-551 stamp anymore,but someone mentioned on this board they got it recently. Very strange! My situation is this. I need to travel in a month abroad. I am a LPR but I have no green card ( another long story). I got this temporary paper indicating my...