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    Alien Registration Number

    All I received my I 485 approval notice and have scheduled an appointment for stamping and all. I need to use my Alien Registration Number in a non-related form. Is the A number on the I485 approval same as the Alien Registration Number. Does it change after stamping and after receiving the...
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    Wrong Stamp on I94 at POE

    We have a couple of guys from India. They are on B1 visa. The immigration officer made a error in stamping and the stamp the valid till date same as the entry date. so the entry date of 14th Apr with a valid till date of 14th Apr. We called Customs and they said come on down to LAX and...
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    Aug 03 04 I140 and I485s Concurrently Approved

    Fellas I would like to share the good news with you. My I140 and I485 (me and spouse) have been approved. Got the email on April 8th. Both were approved on April 6th. Now onwards to the next step. Please post if you have any questions. I would like to thank all those who have been...
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    Changing jobs while on EAD and AP

    Hello All I tried to search for this topic before posting here but did not find a suitable answer. My current employer has concurrently filed for the I140 and I1485(for me and my spouse). The labor used was substituted. RD for I140 and 485 is 08/05/04 . I have an approved EAD card and...