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    Just curious...what would happen if a naturalized US citizen who came to the US based on a marriage to a US citizen, would ask for annulment? Since annulment has to do with church, would his or her citizenship be jeopardized in this case or not?
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    I have a couple of questions if anybody has the time to answer please. 1. Now that I am a US citizen I no longer need to inform USCIS if I move, correct? 2. I am also an EU citizen and I am confused about traveling with 2 passports. When I leave US for EU, do I show EU passport at the checkout...
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    petiton for the second time

    IF a US citizen who petitioned to bring a foreign wife to the US, divorced her after 5 years of marriage, wants to bring a new woman (also from a foreign country) into the US and marry her, would he be allowed to do that? I thought there was ban against that? Or can US citizens petition for a...
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    returning to US

    If you are a newly US citizen and have to leave US to live in another country for a few months or even years, what would happen once you return to US? Do you get questioned at the port of entry where you were and why you were gone? Do they ask you where you are going to stay in the US (since you...
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    I mailed N400 5 weeks ago. Received NOA, but nothing about fingerprinting yet. How long does it normally take?
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    I was just reading throught the N-400 form. I have been married to a US citizen for almost 5 years now. I never filed for citizenship although I was eligible under the 3 year rule. We are having marital problems but he has not filed for divorce. I won't because I don't want to get a divorce and...
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    I have been married to USC for 4.5 years. He now wants divorce because he found somebody else. I wanted to file for citizenship in SEP 2010 when I will be eligible under a 5 year rule. He is now threatning to have me deported, call USCIS and tell them to revoke my green card. Can he really do...
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    work issue

    I have been offered a job as a nanny for a family. They said they would pay me cash each week. How do I go about reporting that as my income? Is there any papers to fill out? How do I take taxes out of that? I don't want to do anything wrong because I will be filing for citizenship in September...
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    taxes, please help

    I have been married to a USC for 4.5 years and never filed for citizenship. I am a LPR with a 10 year green card. He has now decided to file for divorce. I want to apply for citizenship in SEP 2010, when I will be eligible under a 5 year rule. My husband and I got married in 2005 and I became a...