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    Passport Stamp

    Response I -1551 stamp works. I went via Amsterdam and had no issue. Make sure you take a copy of I485 approval notice.
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    Passport Stamp

    just returned from India. The immigration officer at Chicago did NOT put a entry stamp on my passport BUT put an entry stamp on wife's passport. Is that a problem? Note that we entered via Permanent resident cue. Also we only filled one "Customs" form (1 is required for a family).
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    Plastic Card Tracker for entire Nebrasca

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    Anybody has letter/email sample to senator?

    NPnjan02 Hi Npnjan02, do you know if the local office will stamp my passport based on the online printout of the approval note?
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    Travelling with I551 stamp Information.

    Help Mugdha, do you know if the local office will stamp my passport based on the online approval printout? Please let me know immediately since i am holding an appt for tomorrow at the local office?
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    Chicago Local office

    I have not rec'd my approved 485 yet but I am travelling on Monday 11/22. Will local office stamp my passport based on the printout from the internet? Please need you help immediately? Thanks.
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    Congrats Congrats. After the approval email after how many days did you receive your notice in the mail? Also did you attorney or you rec'd the notice?
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    Thanks GM, Mugdha, Serta 2002 Thanks very much. Mugdha - I am surprised you are still dropping by the forum area?!
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    Guys I have desparately awaiting to post this email on the forum. Finally after years of waiting today on the eve on Diwali I see the LUD that your case has been approved.
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    frustrated, depressed and angry!

    Count me in See my signature.
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    time to reply an RFE

    attorney All these attorneys belong to the same breed - "we will abuse immigrants" since we know their weakness. Well, I recommend you call your attorney and push him to help you ASAP. If that does not work take charge. Hire a new attorney. it is worth it. Be sure to report your current...
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    GC approved, Laid off from Company, No job, going to india any problems

    No Should not be but check with an attorney.
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    Second RFE ND-July 2002

    Similar Case 1st RFE - Birth Certificate ( in native language), marriage, EVL 2nd RFE (1 1/2 later) - translation of birth certificate. Still working on this one.
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    Need Help finding a translator

    Do you guys know of any translator in Chicagoland area who will translate birth certificate from Hindi to English?
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    To All :

    why why did they transfer your case to local office?
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    485 Process

    Would it be a true assumption: If there are no criminal convictions, maintained status etc... USCIS will approve your case?
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    HELP... HELP.... I-140 Pending, Job Lost.

    It is a tough situation. You should help your friend deal with this unexpected situation. a. Talk to a lawyer. Call few immigration lawyers around the city and ask them if they can help in any way. They will usually discuss this on the phone free. b. Email Sheela Murthy at
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    I am going into Depression

    Count me in Part your team.
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    Another FP3

    Please respond All experts - I need your thoughts?
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    RFE in Aug/Sep Tracker

    Please help me with my question