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    140 Receipt No

    Gurus, How to find out the 140 receipt no with out asking your lawyer or your employer ?? and if you have the receipt number how to find out if that number belongs to you ?? Thanks.
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    140 Approved 148 pending more then a year

    Gurus, I need your help. Here is my situation, 1. 140 is approved 2. 485 is pending for more then a year 3. Have an EAD 4. I don't have the Labour copy. Question A. Will I be able to switch companies ? B. If I do switch companies what if my current employer cancels my I140...
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    No I-140 how to track the status ?

    Hi, how will I find out if my I-140 is approved or not with out the receipt numer? Is there anyway to find out the status with out contacting the employer or a Lawyer ? Thanks.