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    Considering filing WOM

    Hi folks, I applied I-485 in July 2004. It has been two years already. I am considering filing a WOM, however, I still hesitate because I switched employer last November and haven't filed AC-21 yet per Lawyer's advise. I used my EAD for about 2 months for the new employer, then am using...
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    Anyone out there who filed 485 in 2004 still waiting for name check results?

    My lawyer received the reply from CSC that both my name and my wife's name are pending FBI name check. I guess I have to sit still and wait then. PD: 11/2001 485 RD: 7/2004
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    Working on EAD and wanting to switch to H1B

    Hi friends, I need your inputs on my case. I switched company after my I-485 has been pending for one and half a year. I started working with my new employer using my EAD card, meanwhile, the new company filed another H1B for me (not sure if it is still considered as transfer). The...
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    Anyone contacted Senator's office for help? Please post your experience.

    My lawyer suggested that I request Senator's help to expedite the case. Has any one of you done that? Please post your experience. 140, 485 RD: 7/21/04; ND: 7/28/04 140 AD: 3/30/05
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    Urgent help on F1 and OPT and Transfer

    I am asking this question for my friend. Gurus, please help. My friend will graduate with his master degree in the middle of this month. He applied another school and got accepted. Meanwhile, he is looking for a job. He applied OPT which will start in June. However, the clerk in ISO...
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    July 21 I-140 approved!

    My I-140 was approved yesterday. Here are the case details. CSC EB2 original labor I-140/I-485 RD: July 21/2004; ND: July 28/2004 LUD on I-140: July 30/2004 (application received); March 30/2005 (no message change); March 31/2005 (approved message). LUD on I-485: September 20/2004...
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    Will LUD change after an Inquiry?

    I have a question. I called 800 number yesterday and asked for the status about my case since it is out of the processing date for more than 30 days. The rep said a letter would be sent to me later to explain why it was delayed. I saw some posts from this forum that some one got LUD...
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    Extend H1 or not?

    My H1 will expire early next year. My lawyer said I don't need to extend it since I could use my EAD. However, when I applied for I140, he said that my LC was not good because of some mistakes by the previous lawyer such as years of experiences etc. My lawyer said that even a H1 extension...
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    H1 extension by myself

    Can anybody tell me how to file H1 extension by myself?