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  1. Triple Citizen

    OT: One possible advantage of not taking your spouse's last name

    This forum has seen a decent number of posts where couples want to know the procedure for one spouse to take the surname of the other and also what is the best stage in the GC process to make the change. My wife and I both consider this an outdated concept and thus never went through with it...
  2. Triple Citizen

    First time heard the words "dual citizens" from a border official!!!

    I entered Canada a few hours ago to visit my mother. I had a very interesting POE experience. I pulled up to the both at the Sarnia/Port Huron crossing that the following dialogue took place:- Officer: Citizenship? Me: I am Canadian, the wife is American Officer: Where do you both live...
  3. Triple Citizen

    Slightly Off Topic: Friends???

    Is it just me noticing this or lately this forum is seeing more and more queries posted on behalf of friends? Either the world has gotten more compassionate or this is proof that people without access to the internet have more problems with USCIS regulations/forms.
  4. Triple Citizen

    Extra pages on US passport booklet

    Hi, I just noticed that my wife's US passport has only 4 blank pages left. The rest are all full of stamps and visa stickers. Her passport still has another 4 years before it expires. I know the State Department offers a free service where they add extra pages to an existing passport...
  5. Triple Citizen

    OT Humour: Family Based Immigrant From Hell

    Hi, Please do not take this post as an attack on any individual/group. I have been on these forums for 15 months now and I am translating my observations from this specific sub-forum into a Letterman Top Ten List. If this in any form or shape offends anyone, I apologise in advance as my...
  6. Triple Citizen

    Another painless "verbal" crossing

    Yesterday I crossed over into Ontario from Michigan to visit my parents in Toronto. I used the Ambassador Detroit-Windsor bridge this time. I usually cross via the Blue Water Bridge at Port Huron-Sarnia, but this time since I made a detour in Detroit, I changed my POE. They were two of us in...
  7. Triple Citizen

    OT: Access to portal extremely slow?

    Hi, I just wanted to know if there are others who are experiencing real slow access to this website. Access speed is so slow that it is timing out just trying to read a post. Several reloads are needed at times to read a single post. I know this is a free portal and thus I am not...
  8. Triple Citizen

    Derivative asylum and I-94

    Hi, I have a cousin whose wife entered the US last April as a derivative asylum applicant. She was issued an I-94 with the following notation:- "Asylum status granted pursuant to section 208 of the immigration and nationality act valid to 4-17-07.....employment authorized" Once that date...
  9. Triple Citizen

    Question for US citizens who were born outside the US

    Hi, I received my US passport on Saturday. Under place of birth I have "Pakistan". However on the application form I had clearly written "Karachi, Pakistan". Anyone else (foreign born) had their city of birth chopped off??? On my Canadian one it is "Karachi, Pak". I guess each issuing...
  10. Triple Citizen

    My wife's timeline

    Hi, Just wanted to share the following timeline with the rest of you in the hope that it may help someone. Sponsor = Canadian citizen resident in the US Applicant = US citizen (spouse of sponsor) living with sponsor Length of marriage = 3 years and 3 months at the time of application...