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    Indian Passport Reissue in San Francisco

    I recently got my mom's Indian passport renewed in CKGS San Francisco and would like to share the experience. I sent out the application 10 days before passport expiry date. Expiring passport was issued in India. It took exactly 10 days door to door. I chose to pay for the Fedex courier both...
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    Applying for a minor child's second US passport

    I am planning to apply for my son's second US passport, the first one is going to expire soon. My son derived US citizenship under CCA when we the parents naturalized in 2008. I plan to go with him to the post office and submit these: 1) His current passport, and a copy of his current...
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    US consulate in Chennai will no longer process immigrant visas

    Important Announcement: The U.S. Consulate General in Chennai will no longer process Immigrant Visa petitions as of January 1, 2012. The U.S. Consulate General in Chennai will no longer process Immigrant Visa petitions as of January 1, 2012. The U.S. Embassy in New Delhi and U.S. Consulate...
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    Another University like Trivalley..

    University of Northern Virginia (UNVA) was raided by ICE on suspected charges of alleged visa fraud.
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    Surrender Certificate rules changed July 02, 2011

    Govt relaxes rules for surrender of Indian passport The external affairs ministry (MEA) has finally agreed to eliminate the surrender certificate from those who have became naturalized citizens more than 10 years ago and also an OCI application need not be accompanied by an original US...
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    total cost of OCI now $275 + $175??

    Indian Consulate in NY has started collecting $175 fees for renouncing Indian citizenship - this is a mandatory requirement for all OCI/PIO applicants. Indian Consulate in San Francisco mentions this requirement but does not mention the exact fees. Indian Consulate in London has already started...
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    New Indian visa rule!

    All Indian visa applications now require a copy of applicant's birth certificate or high school diploma. See
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    OCI ripoff by Indian High Commission in London

    The Indian High Commission in London is charging all visa applicants of Indian origin an additional £90 ($180) for renouncing their Indian citizenship! They will keep your Indian passport and issue a "surrender certificate". See link below. It won't be long before other Indian posts start...
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    OCI application: saving before printing

    I tried to save the application before printing and it comes out in 4 pages. One page for part A, 2 pages for part B and instructions and 1 last page of more instructions. Is this correct? Do we need to scale the printing? Some pages do not come out centered correctly.
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    Passport application made directly at Passport Agency

    Can someone post experiences in getting a expedited passport by visiting a passport agency? What documentation was required to prove urgency?
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    Is OCI worth the cost/hassle?

    If one has no plans to return to India, invest in properties or use NRI quotas in education, is there a reason why one should get OCI? Won't a multiple entry 10 year tourist visa be good enough? Comments/thoughts welcome!
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    Children during oath ceremony

    Are young children allowed to be with their parents during oath ceremony? I think guests are allowed but have separate seating.
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    Naturalized parents applying for child passport

    What is the preferred procedure for applying for a child's passport once parents naturalize? Is it better to apply for passports at the same time (passport agency will have to use the parents' Nat Certs to process parents' and child's pp) or is it recommended to apply for child's pp after...
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    Received Reentry Permit

    I received the reentry permit today. I had applied in Feb 2003.
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    Visa to Singapore

    I have to visit Singapore for business and would like to know if anyone has had experience applying for and getting a visa for 2-4 weeks. I have a green cards and am an Indian citizen. I am specifically looking for what paperwork was submitted and how ling did it take to get a visa. Thanks!
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    Using Mobile phones in India

    I would like to get some info on using foreign procured mobile phones in India. 1. What kinds of mobile phones work in India? Any specifc recommendations? 2. What needs to be done to get a phone "unlocked"? Can we use a network specific phone from US ( cingular, AT&T,etc.) in India with a...
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    Totally off topic.. for CA residents

    Here is a totally off topic question for those who live in California. This is about California Vehicle code dealing with traffic rules. 1. At a metering light the guy in front of my jumps the red light. can I go thru when I get his green? 2. Should one come to a complete stop at a...
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    For Gilbert and others

    I am curious to know how asylees are different from refugees and what distinction (if any) is made in the US immigration law between these two cases.
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    Interesting news item

    I read this in an indian news portal: H1B salary cap removed Monday, 17 November , 2003, 16:38 The minimum salary requirement of $60,000 per year for holders of H1B visa in the United States has been removed following the reduction of the number of these visas a few months ago to...
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    UK relaxes work permit rules for Highly Skilled Migrants

    UK has a Highly Skilled Migrant Program for individuals with specialized skills ( software, engineering, science, math, etc). This is similar to the Canadian independent immigration program. Recently they have reduced the points required from 75 to 65 to be eligible. Those of you considering an...