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    Lost Advance Parole

    Hello, I need some advice please. I have a relative who has a Green Card interview on February 8th, 2012 for a pending I485, I131. She traveled abroad (UK) on an advanced parole card, and lost her wallet, which contained the advance parole card. She is supposed to fly to the US on...
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    I - 485, Positive Skin test and treatment - urgent help needed

    Hi All (I'm posting under my hubby's thread) My skin test came back positive but x ray was negative (I got the BCG vaccination as a child and lived in Nigeria). Doctor said that in spite of a negative x-ray result (even before I had taken the x-ray), their procedure was to refer me to the dept...
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    I-485 & Positive TB Skin Test

    Hello, I am not sure if this has been discussed yet. Apologies... I am about to send in an I-485 application for my wife. I have everything ready to go, but got a positive TB skin test for her yesterday. The Dr asked us to go for a X-ray. We will hear x-ray results later this afternoon...
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    "Same Day" Oath

    Hello I have a question regarding the citizenship oath. Can you go to a court to swear to the oath, or do you HAVE to attend the oath ceremony scheduled by USCIS at a later date? A friend who became a citizen a few years ago, says you do not have to wait for the ceremony and can go to a...
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    Address Change Question

    I sent in my N-400 application earlier this week and it was received by USCIS the following day. I just found out now that my company has transfered me to another state, and i will have to move in about 2 weeks. This means i will have to change my address with USCIS. My question is, 1...
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    2010 October N-400 tracker

    Hi Guys, Starting a new thread for October filers. Oct 18th - N-400 Sent Oct 19th - N-400 Received