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    EB3 India PD October 2002 aproval

    Hello all, I could not find any information for really old EB3 applications from India, so I thought I would put up my information here for any remaining EB3 India applicants from 2002 - for a while, I was sure I was the last one remaining, and everyone else has moved to EB2! (Actually that...
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    Where do I send the AC21 letter

    Hello, I am sending a AC21 letter to USCIS. This isn't the first time, so I have everything I need to send the letter, but I do not remember where I sent the last letter! (Not that anything changed the last time I sent it!) In any case, my original I-485 was sent to Vermont back in 2004...
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    Combination EAD and AP card!

    Hello, I don't know if this is old news to folks in the forums, but it was new to me, so I though I would share. I just received the approvals of my AP and EAD (filed together), and this time around, they send me a "combo" card, where the EAD acts like the AP. Its valid for 2 years, which...
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    Are there any EB3-India approvals after the PD advances?

    Hello, I had expected some activity on this board after the PD advanced a little bit for EB3 India - but the only two approvals listed recently are EB2. Are there any EB3-India old timers (PD 2001/2002) who have been approved? Or are the Visa Bulletin dates misleading? Maybe all those...
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    Is Vermont Office processing paper-based EAD/AP applications again?

    Hello, I had applied for my I-485 a long time ago (2004) at the Vermont office, and my application got moved to Texas some time in 2007. However, since then, I have applied for my EAD/AP renewals every year at the Dallas Lockbox, and I get a SRC**** case number - presumably from the Texas...
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    EAD/AP case numbers not found!?!

    Hello, I recently applied for EAD and AP for myself and spouse. I filled in the E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance G-1145 as well. I was very impressed when I got the text messages letting me know they received my applications. A few days later, I even got the paper copies...
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    90 day prior to expiry rule for EAD?

    Hello, It is time for me to renew my EAD (again!) this year, and for some reason I seem to recall a "rule" that says you cannot apply for renewal more than 90 days prior to the expiration of the current EAD. However, I can 't see any language to that effect in either the instructions or in...
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    AP Dallas Lockbox address in

    Hi - I am sending in my FedEx package for AP (I-131) to the Dallas Lockbox, and tells me that it is not a "match" in their system - that it may not be an accurate address. Has anyone else had this? I verified the address according to the instructions - so anyone had any problems...
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    New passport and OCI

    Hi all, I got my OCI about 5 years ago, but now have a new passport. According to the NY CGI web site, those between 21-50 don't have to have a new OCI issued. Does that mean that I have to travel with the previous passport (and sticker)? So basically, has anyone done this - travel with...
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    How many letters for AC-21?

    Hi all, In all this while I have been following the boards, all I have heard about is one AC-21 letter that is sent. However, a recent conversation with my lawyer revealed the following: (this is a direct quote from the lawyer) actually there are typically three letters - one from you; one...
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    December Bulletin out...

    Seems to me there is no movement. :mad: You can view the bulletin here. EB3 India - 01 OCT 2001 EB2 India - 01 JUN 2003
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    New July Visa Bulletin out Sorry - just realized this has already been discussed!
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    March Visa Bulletin

    its out here India EB3 is at Aug 01 now. Check out the "warning". I guess that means there is no chance of the dates advancing further later in the year (in the summer, like it did last year)
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    Finally some movement! (last LUD transfer 3/15)

    I was so sick of seeing the last LUD on our cases - 3/15! Your case has been received in the office... blah blah. Well, I got some movement at last, and as expected, its a RFE. I will wait to see what they want, but I expect its the medical skin test. This means that they are still...
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    TSC IO - No visa, not in front of officer - chicken and egg?

    I spoke with an TSC IO today, who told me: - FP came back fine even though no LUD - NC cleared BUT - no visa numbers available. - no visa has been allocated to this case - this case is NOT in front of an officer, nor is it likely to be assigned to one till there are additional visa...
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    Send Original Experience letters?

    Hi, I was hoping for some help from the forum. I have finally gathered all my documents for I-140, and I was wondering - do we have to send in original experience letters for I-140? It took me a long time to get in touch with my ex-managers and finally get all the experience letters, and if I...
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    Issues in Birth Certificate

    Hello, I just learnt that my labor got certified last week. I am currently gathering all the documents for I-140/485, and needed some help with both mine and my spouse's birth certificate. We both have original birth certificates issued from our city of bith. However: 1. My spouse's...
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    Deciding between CP/AOS - lived in different countries

    Hi all, I would appreciate some advice on my situation. I am still in the final stages of getting my LC - so I haven't even applied for I-140 yet. But I am playing around with the decision of whether to go for AOS or CP - I know the relative arguments of time vs. EAD and AC21 etc. But...
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    Anyone heard from the CPC recently?

    Hello, This post should probably be in the Family sponsorship area, but I am hoping someone here would be able to help me. I am a Canadian citizen sponsoring my husband for PR status in Canada. The way it works for spouses is that you have to send your papers initially to the CPC in...
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    MA SESA timelines

    Hi, This being a wintery, snowy and an essentially stay-at-home weather day in MA, and being unusually frustrated at my code, I thought I would try to write down the timelines for the most recent NON-RIR MA SESA filings, and to try and get other people to update it. Please update/correct...