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    Name Check Status

    Yes, once your name check is done, the result is sent back to VSC. So national service center does not have the result, but VSC does. So congratulations on this step.
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    How to call VSC representative

    Fox12, I don't wanna get your hope too up. But what happened to me was I called VSC, and they would not tell me anything that i had not known. But I was also asked to call back in two weeks. ( The lady I spoke to told me so very firmly.) Then 5 days later, I recieved my I485 approval. So I would...
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    Can someone tell me why there is Retrogression for EB1

    More questions Very nice calculation techy2468, make sense. But going back to my question, as far as I know there was no really bad bottle-neck in EB1 processing. The process was stalled around early 2003, but it was resolved by the end of 2004. which means most of the people who file EB1...
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    Can someone tell me why there is Retrogression for EB1

    HI there, Can someoen tell me why there is retrogression for EB1. I can understand retro fro EB2 and EB3,because of labor step. But for EB1, I can understand it might take longer for the approval, since limited visa number for this year and from now on, but the date should not go back...
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    July'05 - Plastic Card Tracker

    CR on 8/20/05. I did PP in New York, and the service center is VSC.
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    July'05 - Plastic Card Tracker

    Same here. EricS, I did the PP on 7/8 too, and I received the CO email on 8/15, and CM email on 8/17. Depends on where you live, I think your spouse and I will receive the card either this Saturday or Monday. Since my spouse got the CO email on 8/5, CM on 8/10, and was received on 8/13.
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    Phone call and LUD

    You can do some search on this site and here is what I found and did. The main thing is to choose the option that is you submit several applications together and they are sperated. After you choose this option, you will get a VSC officer. Good Luck...
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    i-94 related question

    My spouse and I went to Canada September 2003, and came back to US without doing anything to our I-94. ( We did not turned them in and did not get a new one coming back either, by the way, we drove to Canada.) As per my experience, I put the last entering date shown on my passport which is not...
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    security clearance process(90 days)??

    We made an infopass appointment and talked to a local officer and she told us so. Call the 1800 number and sometimes they will tell you over the phone, although seems like lately they don't do that anymore.
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    security clearance process(90 days)??

    Do you know when they initiate the name check for you? Mine is issued Dec 2004, and it was approved a couple of weeks ago.
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    EB1 Outstanding Research Tracker

    I485 approval Hi, My and my spouse's I 485 were finally approved on June 17th. Please help me to modifiy the form. Thank you.
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    Are they still processing I140 and I485 concurrently at VSC

    HI, Eaglejoeli, Wrong, wrong, wrong. I did not find this found till my I140 approval either, which is Dec, 2004. Search this website using name check. But I have good news, my I485 was approved last Friday, I just found it out yesterday. I think your turn is coming. I come to this website...
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    Phone call and LUD

    Approved The LUD turned out to be approval. Just got the approval letter, even the on-line message has not been changed. Yehhhhhhhhhhhh. Hang in there, guys, your turn will come. I know you've all seen this so many times. But it is true, one day it will come, even it should be this way. Many...
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    Are they still processing I140 and I485 concurrently at VSC

    Same here HI Eaglejoeli, Filed my case same time as yours, no I485 approval yet. Stuck at name check, what about you?
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    Phone call and LUD

    To xuepingru Yes, name check and security check is the same. By the way do you work in the pharmceutical field?
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    Phone call and LUD

    Does anyone have any experience with LUD after phone calls to VSC. I made a phone call through 1800 number on June 16th, and talked to a lady from VSC. She said nothing has changed on my case including my name check, which was issued in Dec 2004. But she asked me to check back in a couple of...
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    LUD without message change on I 485 after FP completed @ VSC

    Name check I guess it is probably that USCIS issued your name check to FBI.
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    Name check phone number

    949-389-3007 949-389-3007 It is for CSC. I called once, but they could not help me since they could not find my A number. And I did not give them my EAC number, since I was afraid they were gonna say that was not a CSC case number. But anyway, give it a try. By the way, LCSliencer, I found...
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    Anybody know any information about..September 2003..fillers

    To aging123, did you notice any LUD lately? HI Aging123, Same here. Filed I140/485 under OR in July 2003. Approved in Dec,2004. Inquiried in March 2005, responded saying "will check on your file". Went for an Infopass, found out Name check pending since Dec 2004. Told lawyer, then he refused...
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    FBI NameCheck Email

    To lcvirginia2002 HI, We made a infopass and met the local USCIS officer and she told us that our name check was initiated on Dec 14th, 2004. And that's our last LUD. So I guess yours is from Dec,2004.