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    Do I still eglibile for US citizenship application?

    I am eligible to apply for US citizenship in Feb 2012. Currently, I am considering a job offer to work out of US from Jan 2011. Till today, I have already fulfilled the 30 months stay in US. If I do come back to US once every 4-5 months for few days until Feb 2012, am I still considering...
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    Extension Denied, Visa Revoked and New Visa Application Denied-Any Hope?

    I have a complicated problem here. I tried to do extension for my parents stay in 2008 (B2 Visa) but the extension were denied. They left US within 2 weeks after received the decision letter however, the date past the I94 date. They managed to came in to US in Oct 2009 using the same visa...
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    NIW application sent to TSC today...

    Hi! I am applying concurrently I-140/I-485/EAD/AP under the NIW category. My lawyer mailed in my applications today to the TSC via Fedex and I expect them to receive tomorrow. However, I just saw from the USCIS website, all applications should be sent to NSC instead. So, I am wondering...
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    How long would I receive notification after filing?

    Hi! I am planning to file concurrently I-140/I-485/AP/EAD for myself and my wife sometime this week. I am wondering typically how many days I would receive notification from USCIS after they receive my stuffs?
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    Question on processing dates in NSC and TSC

    I just checked the processing dates for both I-140 and I-485 in NSC and TSC. I noticed that, for TSC, the I-140 for EB1-OR has been updated to 03 Feb 2006 while for NSC, it is still stuck at 28 Sept 2005. Similarly for I-485 (employment based), NSC stuck at 1 Nov 2005 and TSC is current...
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    Do I need FP for EAD/AP?

    Hi! I am planning to file I140 and I485 concurrently. I will also applying the EAD and AP for my wife who is now holding H4 and working in Europe. So, I wonder do I need to have FP after applying for the EAD? If so, when it would be after the application? Would this FP similar to the one for...
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    How long would I receive FP notice after filing?

    I plan to file concurrently the I-140 and I-485. I wonder how long after I filed I expect to receive my FP notification?
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    Can I submit my spouse I485 later?

    Hi! I wonder whether it would be a problem if I file my I485 first and submit my wife's I485 later? Let say I get approval of my I485, what would be her status? Would she get the US Green Card also? Thanks!
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    Can I file 1-485 when I am out of country?

    Hi! My wife is working in Europe and I am working in US with H1B. I wonder whether I can file our 1485 concurrently when she is not in the US? Thanks!
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    Various questions about AP, EAD and AOS..

    Hi! I am planning to file I-140 and I-485 concurrently soon under EB1-OR category. My wife is now working in Europe and she is holding H4 visa. I heard that she needs to be physically present in US when we file concurrently, am I right? How long she needs to be in US? Can she leaves once we...
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    Question on fingerprint & travel

    Hi! I am planning to file concurently under the EB1-OR category sometime in August. I will be having a 3 weeks business trip end of August. I am wondering whether it is safe to travel without the AP? My lawyer said I don't need one if I have a H1B. Also, I wonder when is usually the...
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    Question on file concurrently...

    Hi! I am wondering if I want to file concurrently (based on EB1-OR), can I file the I-140 petition first and then file the I-485 let say 2 weeks later? Or do I need to file them at the same time? Thank you!
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    Medical Checkup

    Hi! I wonder how long it will take for medical checkup to obtain the I-693 form? Since my wife is not in US, I want to know roughly how long she needs to take unpay leave from getting the medical checkup done to concurrently filing based on EB1-OR. Also, I am planning take the risk that...
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    Original or photocopy?

    I wonder whether I should submit the original letter of recommendations or photocopies would do? How about the photocopies of my diploma and award certificates? Do I need to get all of them certified when I file my I-140? Thanks!
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    Documents for Adjustment for Status

    Hi! Since I am going to file concurrently, I am in the process of preparing materials for Adjustment for Status as well. I wonder whether what kind of materials I need to prepare? I think it has been discussed here. Can someone direct me the link? Thanks you!
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    Documents to attach for EB1-OR

    Hi! I am wonder whether someone discuss here before what is the list of documents I need to attach along with my I-140 petition under EB1-OR category? What I know now is the reference letters only. Please advice. Also, I plan to file concurrently with I-485. What additional documents I...
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    Recommended Immigration Lawyer

    I notice my laywer is very slow in processing my case. For example, he always never reply my email also I can't usually find him over the phone! So, I got a bit frustrated recently! So, recently I am thinking to change to a new lawyer eventhough I have paid him $700 as downpayment. So...
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    NSC or TSC?

    I am wondering which center i.e. NSC or TSC should I use if I file my EB1-OR? Thanks!
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    Criteria for Recommendation Letters for EB1-OR

    I plan to file for the EB1-OR category. I am in the process of collecting recommendation letters. I have some questions in the criteria for the people who will write the recommendation letters. Since I have been working in industries for about 3 years now, is it better to get people from...
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    EB1-EA or EB1-OR or NIW?

    Hi! I am PhD holder with almost 3 years working experiences in industries. I have more than 40 international conferences and journals papers altogether. I wonder which category is best suited for me? Also, I heard that EB1-OR will be the easiest among the above 3 categories. Am I right? If...