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    Can someone tell me why there is Retrogression for EB1

    HI there, Can someoen tell me why there is retrogression for EB1. I can understand retro fro EB2 and EB3,because of labor step. But for EB1, I can understand it might take longer for the approval, since limited visa number for this year and from now on, but the date should not go back...
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    Phone call and LUD

    Does anyone have any experience with LUD after phone calls to VSC. I made a phone call through 1800 number on June 16th, and talked to a lady from VSC. She said nothing has changed on my case including my name check, which was issued in Dec 2004. But she asked me to check back in a couple of...
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    Statistics about VSC processing Time

    HI guys, check this out, especially the fourth post, and you can tell the EB1 processing time keeps increasing, while all others are going down. Will it be EB1's turn soon?
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    Help on renewing EAD and AP

    Hello, I have a question about renewing EAD and AP in traditional way (non-e-filing). Do I still need to send pictures for that? Please help me since I want to send it out before the fee increase. Thank you.
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    Can I apply for two EADs

    Hi gurus, Got a question, I did concurrent filing for I140 and 485 in Outstanding Researcher catagory a year ago. Along that I also applied EDA and Ap for me and my spouse. Now my spouse's labor certificate has been approved, I know we can file another 140, but what about 485, EAD and AP...
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    H1B cap reached

    See this, NOw will USCIS start processing 140 faster, like the rumor that once H1B cap is reached, they will assign all the resource to 140? We will see.
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    HI guys, Here is the deal, I just got my AP from my attorney with AD of 8/22/03. But when I checked online status, it still give me the old message saying:"we received.....", and the phone system says the same thing. So if you filed your application around mine (ND:7/18/03), you might want...
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    How long did it take for your attorney to prepare

    HI, Guys, I just called my attorney asking my case status, and he said it is still being processed by his staff. So here is my question: how long did it take for your attorney to finalize the process. I sent my documents stuff like reference ltters, publications, award certificate..., to...
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    Change in Concurrent filing?

    HI, Guy, I just read something online. In one of the attorney's website, they say from now on, BICS will stop giving EAD and AP to spouse or children of the main filer untill the I-140 is approved. But they will continue processing the EAD and AP of the main applicant. Has anyone heard of...
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    Petition letter

    HI, Guys My attorney is preparing my file sending for OR filing. I have a question about the petition letter. In your letter, did you or your attorney elaborate your qulification according to INS requirement one by one? Like say 1) Major prize, the person has won such such prize and further...