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    Date of birth change in new passport

    My sister has 10 year multiple entry visa. Her old Indian pp expired. While renewing it she has corrected her date of birth. But the earlier visa is in old PP with a different DOB. Will it create problem to enter USA after more than year from her last visit? Has she to inform consulate in India...
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    marathom bombers

    Morning is not good. Bad news for future citizenship seekers of Islamic origin. What they say in India is " All Muslims are not terrorists. We sympathize with all Muslims when society looks them as one. But what to do " All Terrorists are Muslims".
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    GC holder absent from US for 16 months want to return;need advise

    A old Indian single lady , aged 81, was on GC since 1998. Renewed GC expires in 2018. She left USA in Jan 2010 with no intention to return on a one way ticket. Her family circumstances have changed and wants to live with her USC daughter. Can she just return ??? Or is there authority who can...
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    Online status improvements

    Today i noticed a change in the Online OCI Enquiry form. You have to put your passport number too. Earlier by filling any online registration number one could anyone's status as long it is valid number. Good they have improved the system and added more security to online data. No one can...
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    Order of various applications after oath ceremony

    I find lot of posts of new USC facing various problem after their OC. This is for information of all who are in the process of becoming USC. If you have a name change during naturalization, the first act after oath ceremony is to visit DMV and get DL/State ID in the new name. They need your...
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    FILE 1447B or wait????

    We had our interview on 4/21, already past 120 days. We had contacted our Congressman in June and was advised case is still under background verification by USCIS. We missed a call from Congressman office in mid July. Despite my efforts could not contact dealing intern. We had our INFOPASS on...
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    More than 90 days since interview, interesting episodes

    Yesterday was my 92 day from interview date. Made an Infopass and went. First reaction of the officer come after 45-60 days. When i said i have already waited 90 days he looked in the computer and said background checks are still not over. He would not allow me to meet my IO or Supervisors. He...
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    How soon to contact senator/u.s.congressman

    We had our interview about 40 days back. I got Congrats in N652 and my wife Decision yet cannot be made. We went on Infopass last week. I was told my case is approved about 12 dates back and was in queue for OC in court due to name change. In my wife's case there is no further progress. We...
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    Mind boggling statistics : How USCIS keeps track of those decision cannot be made cases

    Out of curiosity i was seeing the Naturalization data for last 4 years year n400 filed approved rejected 2006 730,642 702,589 120,712 2007 1,382,993 660,477 89,683 2008...
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    Mom 92 years- not interviewed- does not know english

    My mom 92 years old has been in the country since 05/2004. She filed N400 in Nov09. She had only one trip abroad for 100 days. Earlier she was a GC holder for 13 years from 1983to 1996. She had voluntarily surrendered GC in 1996. She had visited USA on tourist visa in 2000. She got new GC in...