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    Advice on N400 application and travel

    Ideal would be to apply in first week of Jan. Your FP will be over by mid Feb. You will not be scheduled for interview before April 1st. It will meet your requirement. I am assuming you do not commit any mistake in your application and you are otherwise eligible. In the event your FP...
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    Lecture on new changes to Visa Policies

    MWW is Monster Worldwide Inc. Traded in NYSE Was $80 in 2001 presently $ 4.36. It is a Public Relation, Public Affairs and Marketing firm. Monster offers online recruiting solution in over 55 countries. But what to do here in US citizenship blog ???
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    Continuous residency concern

    Please understand, if you apply for re-entry permit, your present application for citizenship will be rejected. You would have to wait for 4 years and 1 day after your return to apply afresh. It is for you and your bf to decide. If you have stayed 8 months abroad in the last trip, your...
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    Continuous residency concern

    It is not very clear how many days you were away from USA. If it is more than 6 months there will be problems. I would advice you not to leave for another 3 months trip. Wait till your interview is over. Working in TW is a negative point.
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    N400 post-interview process stalled for no reason

    It would be better to contact your US senator or Congressman b4 contacting a lawyer. I know both Sen Dick Durbin and Sen Mark Kirk both have good repo with USCIS divisional office and can help you in finding out what is the hold up in your case. If not satisfied you could file 1447B . If you...
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    Permanent Resident Card and US Citizenship

    I am quite surprised people do not read OP and give comments. In his post dkgusdl28 clearly said his GC does not expire till 2015. Tazmania's comments have no relevance. I never expected Jackolantern to miss out OP has got his FP notice and thus he has filed for citizenship. DK , you should...
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    should i file for nautrilization

    Please clarify if any of your absence from USA is more than 180 days ??. If so, then you have to complete 4 years 1 day from the date of your last return from your trip abroad, which is more than 180 days long, before filing n-400. No 90 days early filing allowed for these cases.
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    Confused after Lawyer Consult on applying for Citizenship - HELP!

    I think Baikal3 is wrong. Re-entry does not affect your LPR status. As long as you re-enter within the re-entry time you are Ok. Only your clock is reset from the day of return. In fact during your Green Card process USCIS does advice you not to dispose off your property in home country. They...
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    Consequences of re-scheduling Naturalization interview

    It is more than 4 week left for interview/ delivery of your baby. One cannot be certain about delivery as it can happen earlier or later. If it happens earlier, your wife may be able to attend interview on scheduled date. If birth is delayed she may be able to attend interview depending on her...
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    N-400 for 9 yrs old

    You save nothing !!! After you become US citizen, it will cost $600/- for filing N-600 for your daughter. Even though it is not mandatory for her to have a certificate of Citizenship, it is most prudent and desirable to have one. To get that you have to file N-600 for her. Further, a...
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    Interview no show?

    Schedule an INFOPASS immediately. If it is difficult or being delayed call USCIS help line. While going for infopass, take a printout of Online status. Otherwise the folks at inquiry counter will put you in spin with some vague reply.
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    Descheduled Interview- timeline question

    It is time you approached your US Senator and/or US congressman. They can be of help. Some of the Senator/Congressmen Offices have good rapport with local USCIS offices. You could also talk to 2nd level officer in USCIS help line. Legal option will be time consuming and costly.The above two...
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    Travel to India: Catch 22 Situation

    When you try entering India with your Indian Passport, they will see you had no US visa on it.Next question is how where you in USA. To hide your US citizenship, you will lie you are on GC. They will ask for your Green Card. Which you will not have. You are straight away locked up and you have...
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    Is Naturalization jeopardized by moving after getting the GC?

    After every move file your AR-11 promptly. Keep all records of date of move. Get state ID/ DL in new place. File your taxes . There should be no problem with any number of moves.
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    Future travel return dates on N-400

    There is no problem of postponement of FP or interview. These mails are sent by ordinary USPS mail. There are many instances the mail not reaching applicant and people miss their appointments. Their appointments are rescheduled on request. If the date is not suitable anyone can request for...
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    Do I file N-400 or N-600 ? thanks

    Absolutely no need. waste of money hiring attorney for straight forward cases. Hope you had not abandoned your GC in the past. Hope all your entries and exits are properly recorded. Your passport has all entry stamps in USA and some proof for exits like entry stamp in other countries.
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    Sent in documents for Request of Evidence, but they have not updated our what?

    I agree with Jacko. Do not expect very fast action from USCIS. After 30days of receipt of docs, check with helpline. After 60days try Infopass. Same time approach your US Senator/ US Congressman. Remain cool and you will get approval before 120 days.
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    I hot arested with dismissed I have my oath.

    Don't worry, they will reschedule your oath ceremony. Wait for 30 days. If you don't hear from them make an infopass. If you had the Original court papers with seal, they would have allowed you for Oath. How that you have submitted Original just wait.
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    N-400 Interview tomorrow, Lost Drivers License.

    You have to have some doc for address proof - may be lease, or student record or credit card/bank statement or utility bill . Without any address proof there may be problem.
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    Date of birth change in new passport

    My sister has 10 year multiple entry visa. Her old Indian pp expired. While renewing it she has corrected her date of birth. But the earlier visa is in old PP with a different DOB. Will it create problem to enter USA after more than year from her last visit? Has she to inform consulate in India...