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    Endorsement of PIO

    Hi I was just following up on this. I know this question has been asked a million times, but I am asking it again - especially if anyone has had any problems since the transfer to Cox in March 2014. The problem is the website seems to definitely state that you need the PIO endorsed. I emailed...
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    EB3 India PD October 2002 aproval

    Hello all, I could not find any information for really old EB3 applications from India, so I thought I would put up my information here for any remaining EB3 India applicants from 2002 - for a while, I was sure I was the last one remaining, and everyone else has moved to EB2! (Actually that...
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    Where do I send the AC21 letter

    Hello, I am sending a AC21 letter to USCIS. This isn't the first time, so I have everything I need to send the letter, but I do not remember where I sent the last letter! (Not that anything changed the last time I sent it!) In any case, my original I-485 was sent to Vermont back in 2004...
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    Combination EAD and AP card!

    Well, it was strange. The accompanying letter said the AP is valid for 1 year. But the EAD expiration is two year from now, - the document (the EAD card) is valid for 2 years, and the words are in the card (that it is a travel document endorsement). I am not sure if the AP is valid for 2...
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    Combination EAD and AP card!

    Hello, I don't know if this is old news to folks in the forums, but it was new to me, so I though I would share. I just received the approvals of my AP and EAD (filed together), and this time around, they send me a "combo" card, where the EAD acts like the AP. Its valid for 2 years, which...
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    Are there any EB3-India approvals after the PD advances?

    Hello, I had expected some activity on this board after the PD advanced a little bit for EB3 India - but the only two approvals listed recently are EB2. Are there any EB3-India old timers (PD 2001/2002) who have been approved? Or are the Visa Bulletin dates misleading? Maybe all those...
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    EAD/AP case numbers not found!?!

    Hmm... my case still cannot be found online. Go figure. Does anyone have an idea on how long the EAD renewal is taking? I still have 2 months on my current EAD, but it sounds like a lot of people are asking about "emergency expedite" Thanks!
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    EAD/AP case numbers not found!?!

    I called the service center. Its all good - the case is legit. Apparently, the web site database is not getting updated properly with a bunch of these cases, but the case is in the "main computer". The service center rep (second level) was very helpful, and very polite. I got through in...
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    Is Vermont Office processing paper-based EAD/AP applications again?

    Hello, I had applied for my I-485 a long time ago (2004) at the Vermont office, and my application got moved to Texas some time in 2007. However, since then, I have applied for my EAD/AP renewals every year at the Dallas Lockbox, and I get a SRC**** case number - presumably from the Texas...
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    EAD/AP case numbers not found!?!

    Hello, I recently applied for EAD and AP for myself and spouse. I filled in the E-Notification of Application/Petition Acceptance G-1145 as well. I was very impressed when I got the text messages letting me know they received my applications. A few days later, I even got the paper copies...
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    90 day prior to expiry rule for EAD?

    Hello, It is time for me to renew my EAD (again!) this year, and for some reason I seem to recall a "rule" that says you cannot apply for renewal more than 90 days prior to the expiration of the current EAD. However, I can 't see any language to that effect in either the instructions or in...
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    Returning to Canada but want to still work with company in US

    Depending on where you work in the US, you also might need to pay taxes to multiple entities. In any case, you would have to file 3 tax returns, though the total amount of taxes paid might be the same - Revenue Canada, IRS and the state in which you are considered an employee.
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    Not really sure where this fits but it's I-765 related

    This was posted a long time ago, but just want to let the OP know that he will probably get better responses in the US Citizens forum - lot more people there have been through the process of sponsoring a spouse. FYI - your wife would have to sponsor you. Not sure if you would be eligible as...
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    AP Dallas Lockbox address in

    Hi - I am sending in my FedEx package for AP (I-131) to the Dallas Lockbox, and tells me that it is not a "match" in their system - that it may not be an accurate address. Has anyone else had this? I verified the address according to the instructions - so anyone had any problems...
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    Need help and suggestion on changing jobs.

    Forumhelp - there is no need to mention when you got laid off from your last job. You can just mention that you joined your new job well after the 180 day period after your 485 was applied for and I140 was approved.
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    I want to request for cross-chargeability Need details

    I don't want to confuse the issue here - but isn't cross-chargeability for cases where one spouse is to be charged to the other's country of birth? In this case, CC would not apply because your spouse would be charged to her own country of birth - the row country. Her case is being held up by...
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    March visa bulletin is out guys...

    ha ha I clicked on this thread, and the fancy new feature of this website brought out a "related" posting I had made a year ago - "March bulletin out, EB3 India is at Aug 01". Guess what - it is at Jul 01 now! :rolleyes:
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    Advance Parole question

    Is it possible that the cross-chargability got applied, but you did not get a reply? Can you call (or make an appointment) and find out which country is listed in her application? (I would have thought the country of birth is applied automatically, and you only do the cross chargability if you...
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    I485 Denied what should I do. Filed in 2005 for spouse.

    Akhil, Just a note to say that what happened to you and your family is aweful, and I hope there is a quick turnaround on this for you. I would encourage you to write to the board - this would be such a basic thing the lawyer did not check that it sounds like negligence to me. S/He should...
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    New passport and OCI

    Great thanks! Wow, that sounds like a painful experience!