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  1. sriram1975

    Can one parent enter US on B2 with another on temp IR visa stamp ?

    My mom got a IR visa stamp on her passport last month. Father is on a B2. Can he enter US along with mother ? Since she is permanent resident after entering US, can my father accompany her from India ?
  2. sriram1975

    IR-5 for Mother: Mumbai Interview Scheduled Dec 2019 (Next steps: guide me please!)

    My mother is scheduled for interview in Mumbai. They have fixed the medical appointment at Apollo Chennai for next week. I'm the USC son that sponsored her. 1) I'm planning to email to my mom a) 2018 1040 tax filing, b) W2 c) I-864 affidavit of support d) US Citizenship certificate (I read...
  3. sriram1975

    Dad's B2 Approved. Mom's denied.

    So my parents applied for their second 10 year visa online. While applying through dropbox, my father's was called for interview with a request for CV. He is 73 years old. The fact that he worked in Saudi and OMan might have triggered that. Anyway he got his 10 year visa. My mom went for her...
  4. sriram1975

    Parents Tourist Visa Canceled at Port of Entry..

    My parents have had a tourist visa for over 9 years now that expires in Dec 2017. During their last trip their trip in 2015 (7th trip since visa issued) , their flights leaving the US were postponed by a week due to floods in Southern India and the closure of the airport. I had them re-booked a...
  5. sriram1975

    Attn: People who got citizenship! (Did you quit as soon as you got GC?)

    Did any of you leave your GC sponsor as soon as you got your GC? Did you face any problems/delays/questions during the citizenship process? Please share your experiences. Your experience will help many people like me who are wondering if it is safe to quit the current job in a few...
  6. sriram1975

    485 Approved!!

    Hi all Both spouse's and my 485 were approved today. Just got the email from USCIS like 5 mins ago. Wishing you all the very best. Just today I was drafting the letter for AC21. I guess I have to wait for atleast a month or two before I move to another company now. I definitely cant wait for...
  7. sriram1975

    Infopass for Biometrics?

    Experienced ppl. Pls advice. My wife & I missed our Biometrics appt as were in India. As per notice I can go on the following Wednesday at 10 AM (Baltimore). Do I have to fix an appt through InfoPass or just walk in? I dont see any choice in InfoPass page for Biometrics? What to choose if I have...
  8. sriram1975

    India Trip: F1 EAD to 485 EAD question and repercussions!

    My wife is working on F1 EAD and we are going to India for 3 weeks. When coming back, my wife will have to come back on 485 EAD and AP. If in case my 485 has a query while on vacation, she can't enter using AP, EAD right? Can she come back on her F1 EAD? (She came here on H4 in 02 and changed to...
  9. sriram1975

    AC21: How to find Prev wage for diff geographical area?

    hi, my labor was approved for MO and I'm in 485 stage. How do I translate it to an equiv salary in another state so that I can get a letter from new employer stating that salary? New employer will pay equiv salary and the rest as per-diem. Any input is appreciated.
  10. sriram1975

    EB2 485: Pls post here

    Now that EB3 visa numbers are unavailable, I'm guessing we could see more EB2 approvals. Lets keep track and see what the trend is. If you are EB2 and your 485 is pending/approved, pls post here. My details are below:
  11. sriram1975

    AC21: H1 Transfer and Extension?

    I'm with my current company A (GC sponsor) on my 7th year H1 which is valid till Oct 2005. My 140 was approved last month and > 180 days since I filed 485. Can I move to another company by filing ONE application for H1 transfer and also for the 8th year? Or should I first transfer H1 to...
  12. sriram1975

    140 RFE: Can I change EB2 to Eb3?

    Hi all My turn to seek help! My RFE is on its way. My question is, can my Attorney change it to EB3 at this point? I already have an EAD, AP. Can I renew my EAD, AP if USCIS allows me to change to EB3 or I have to wait till the PD becomes current. Thanks for your time. :confused:
  13. sriram1975

    New Transit Visa Requirements?

    I was talking with someone from and they are saying that transit visa is required for all European destinations except Amsterdam if you are Indian Citizen. My case is I'm on H1 7th year and dont have stamping on passport. I have my AP and EAD papers. The guy at makemytrip is...
  14. sriram1975

    AR-11 Question: A#??

    Hi all I moved recently and am going to mail an AR-11 form. The A# on the form, do I fill in the A# from 485 receipt or the I-94 number from my H1 approval notice? The H1 which is stamped in my passport with a I-94 is from previous company. Since I joined my current company I havent travelled...
  15. sriram1975

    365 Days rule inspite of an Approved Labor is debunked?

    In my case by the time my H1 expired (Oct 19'04), it had been 38 days short of 365 days. My labor was filed Dec 3rd, 2003. My 140/485 was filed in Aug'04 and my H1 was filed in Sep'04. I was told by many that inspite of an approved labor, it should have been 365 days since you filed your...
  16. sriram1975

    Am I eligible for 7th yr H1 extension? Somebody Help!

    Hi friends, I filed for my Labor in Nov 2003 and got it approved in Mar 04. Filed my 140/485 in Aug'04. Got receipt in Sep and filed for 7th year H1 on Sep 25. My 6 year H1 expired on Oct 19. I have this new confusion. Am I eligible for 7th year extension based on my 140/485 filing even...
  17. sriram1975

    Fingerprints Tracker - NSC

    My details:
  18. sriram1975

    6 yrs H1B Expiring next month: Some advice/options?

    Hello friends My attorney applied for 7th year H1 on Sep 27 regular at VSC. My 6 years of H1B expires on Oct 19. If I dont get the receipt before my H1B, am I out of status? My attorney tells that I'm fine even if I get the receipt a month after my H1 expiry. Is that so? Should I convert...
  19. sriram1975

    Is my attorney lying? Anyone else have a similar experience?

    Hi friends. I have a question. My attorney filed for my labor RIR and it was received on Nov 28. Sometime in Jan, there was a query asking for details about my employer's projects and duration. That was provided sometime in mid Jan. I believe after that someone from Labor department came to...