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    h4 to f1 COS with only 3 classes left to graduate

    I am on h4 and have been admitted into masters program in 2005. I have been doing classes half time and now I have registered for 2 classes in summer and have only 1 class left for Fall semester. program requirements are to clean up all classes and have only the last exit class for the last...
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    Urgent help needed-filing cheque for EB AOS?

    I am shipping my EB AOS packet tomorrow, using old version and old fees and sending to Texas, since per new FAQ we can do that. Anyways, I am freaking out as how to properly fill the cheques. Yesterday they had instructions with fees payable to U.S. Department of Homeland Security. So I...
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    work experience

    have a question regarding minimum work exp requirement to qualify as SW for Canada. Will my IT full time paid work exp from nov 1996 - sep 1999 NOC code 2281 count even though it happened more than 10 yrs ago? Please help, anyone...??
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    Skiled Immigrants in America on CNBC-Feb 16th

    Shortage of skiled workers in America on CNBC-Feb 16th Greetings everyone, just wanted to spread the news that "Power Lunch" on CNBC (today - feb 16th) at about 1:20 PM EST will discuss the need for skilled workers in America. I encourage everyone to spread the word and those who can...
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    H4 seems stuck....

    Can anyone comment on this...? My wife's H4 extension (7th year) was applied along with my H1 (7th yr extension) in March 06 and under premium processing. My case was approved in 10 days and I received approval a long time ago. My wife's case seem to take foreever. Sometime in the...
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    preparing to apply for PR/please help

    Dear friends, I am about to schedule IELTS test for next month and will be applying to Buffulo as soon as I get test results back. I need guidance: 1 - Can I send only IELTS test results with initial application and do FBI fingerprints and PCC later (when they request them)? It's not...
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    looking for VIF teachers...

    I would like to get in touch with VIF teacher(s). I am getting this opp to teach on j1 visa for three years. Since my hubby is stuck in multiyear retrogression and I cannot get h1 (6yr limit) teaching on J1 looks as a golden opportunity to us...the blessing of having additional income etc...
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    Support IV

    Dear friends, Once again I urge you to take action, spread the word about IV and join the efforts to end retrogression and have better life. I have just joined and made my contribution. By helping IV we are helping ourselves.. God Bless :) Let's finally live an American Dream
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    question about skills list

    i cant figure this on my, please.... :confused: can anyone tell me if a person (elementary/secondary school teacher soon to be on J1), and whose home country is not listed on skills list, is a subject to a 2 year Home country Requirement or not... And how to find out? Thx
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    worried please... I am worried how my US W2 can impact Canadian PR...simply said in 2001 and 2002 I made a lot less than I was supposed to. I even dont have one W2 from one of my previous employers from 2002 (bench situation). All W2's before and after are fine. I am curious if...
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    labor pending for 330 days

    :( anyone out there who is in similar situation....I have labor pending for 330 or so days and at the end of 6 yrs... what can I do to overcome this gap before I am actually eligible to apply for 7th yr extension? appreciate all answers :confused: