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    Happy day..finally i'm AMERICAN CITIZEN :)

    Finally, I am done with this. Today I had my oath ceremony and became an US Citizen. I sent in my N-400 application on Feb -march this year, and I received my naturalization certificate today, July13. It took me a good 5 months to get it. Enough of my thought. Let me share with all of you about...
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    someone have some information about how to aply before 4 years and 9 months?

    hello guys my first time in the citizenship forum :) guys i really want to get my citizenship soon..i feel so anxious.:cool: i must wait ultil february of 2011 ( four months more to aply for my citizenship) but i was reading in old post about something that some people can aply three years and...
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    To Cafeconleche.. one question about

    hello cafeconleche i was just checking and i was wondering about your mother's sutuation...did she get any answer about her citizenship? hope everything is ok now good wishes
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    naturalization question(citizenship)

    hey guys how are you doing? very happy to see a lot of new citizens in this forum...i'm waiting my time...guys i work with refugees and asylers in my city helping them to adapt to their new life in america. i have a big question that i did not have an answer... one of the guys of the...
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    I'm very but very happy :-) approved in nebraska

    hello dear friends i'm new in this forum but everyday i read all post, i'm from colombia and i ve been asylee since 2004,was very sad the way that i arrived and left my country( i'm alive thanks of my beloved god) but now i ve got a new life and good good news i aplied for permanent...