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    Dependent I-485 approved without primary being approved

    "Document production or Oath Ceremony USCIS is still trying to iron out the bugs in the new website and many poeple have got this status change message even thought their PD is not current. I would not get too excited about it. Take infopass / talk to service center to clear this up. Have not...
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    Russian doctors coming on I-130

    All the foreign graduates have to pass USMLE exams and complete residency here in the us in order to get medical license for practice.
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    Physician in HPSA area filling I-485

    congratulations. now opne your own practice.
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    I-485 approved, but ...

    Your lawyer is right. It is very highly likely that your original 485 application's pictures will be used.
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    Got magic e-mail/ Indian doctors' issues

    Congratulations. It does feel good to be GC holder. Enjoy.
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    J1 Waiver Transfer

    I have changed J1 waiver job without any trouble in past (04/2004). Here is what I would do. Find a second job, if possible with county clinic / federal health centers (to minimize risk of abuse). Once that is fixed then talk to a reputed lawyer, prepare case for hardship / unfavourable...
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    Got green card! Want to share my fellowship experience for those contemplating doing so on EAD

    Congratulations. Interestingly my case is very similar to yours. My GC was approved on 9/10/2009. I also had two I-140 and two I-485. One based on PERM and second based on NIW. Both I-140 were approved. and later both I-485 files were merged. Got approval last week from NSC. PD 09/2004...
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    Anesthesiology Resident on J1

    You still need to complete 3 years in J1 waiver before you get your Green card. O1 can be extended for indefinite period of time but the three years waiver requirement stays in your way to green card. You will have to do those three years at some point of time.
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    Application is with the officer

    At least you got some consistent answer from NSC IO. I will try to call NSC again tomorrow morning and see what they say.
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    Hello Gondalguru

    PERM was applied by my 2nd employer (after I transferred my J1 waiver job). Currently I am working with 3rd employer. NIW is a self petition and NIW period started with my J1 wavier job in September 2003. Total of 5 years of service with be done at the end of august 2008.
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    Application is with the officer

    I called NSC today morning and also talked a nice lady. She asked my receipt number and name. She also told me that my case was with an officer and I should get an answer within 60 days. I think IOs are giving this stereotype answers to everybody who calls them.
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    5 y documents received

    What is your priority date? Its good that all your requirements are completed now. I will be submitting documents in about 2 weeks. The problem is that I have RFE from TSC and now the case is pending at NSC.
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    pediatric practice

    Come to south Texas. Great area to practice and great potential for growth.
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    Sep. 2008 Visa Bulletin

    You may be right but just recently someone counted total EB appointments for the month of August at 4 us consulates in India (Mumbai Chennai Delhi and Kolkata) and the total number was somewhere around couple of hundred. And probably that will be case again for the month of September. So moving...
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    EB2 India NSC Aug 2008 tracker

    I am waiting too.
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    Canada vs Mexico? where to go for visa stamp?

    You don't need to go to home country for J1 stamp. As far as I know that has never been the case for J1 stamp.
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    Canada vs Mexico? where to go for visa stamp?

    Consulate at Matamoros Mexico gives back the passport with new visa stamp the same afternoon. And at most border consulate posts you will get your passport same day unless there is some major issue/problem. Go to mexico, get your visa stamped and later enjoy margarita till you come back to usa.
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    5 y documents received

    The first I-485 (NIW based) was filed at TSC but 5 months ago the file was transferred to NSC (don't know why). Now both the applications are pending at NSC.
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    I485 Denied!!! God have Mercy!

    I filed through NIW for phyician and in that case you are allowed to file for I-485 prior to finishing the three years of waiver. But if you are US citizen then don't worry about it. I would advise you to file for marriage based I-485 if your husband's Employment based petion is stuck in denial...
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    card production ordered, thanks hadron ,others

    Thanks hurricanemed: I will probably call NSC and see if they will send me a new RFE for 5 years completion.