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    Apply 485 as a derivative of approved GC or on own

    Experts on this please help us in our dilemma. I'll be done with my waiver job in JULY. As the dates are current, my labor is approved with PD of 5/2005 and approved I-140, I am prepared to file 485 in beginning of AUG. However my husband had his EB3 GC approved this week. I did not file...
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    Adjudicate with my husband's approved 485 or apply on own.

    My husband recently had his EB3 GC approved. I have not been in his application even though we were married before he applied for his 485 as I was on J1 visa. Now EB categories are current and I can either adjudicate on my husband's GC or apply 485 in EB2. I'd really appreciate if any of you...
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    Guys who got Magic Emails

    Just recieved 21st June 2007, 530p -------------------------------------------------------------------------- My husband just recieved his magic email welcoming new permanent resident. This forum has been very informative and was also very good for keeping up our morale in tough times...
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    Just recieved approval notice.

    My husband just recieved his magic email welcoming new permanent resident. This forum has been very informative and was also very good for keeping up our morale in tough times. Wishing you all Good Luck. His details EB3 RIR PD 2/2003 Applied 485 RD 9/03 On his 5th EAD. NSC from the...
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    Follow To Join....

    FTJ question Kamran's, Thanks for the wealth of information. This is my situation. We were married in 8/1990. Moved to US in 1/2000. My husband on H1B and I and my son on H4. I started my residency on J1 visa in 6/01. At that time I switched my son's visa to J2. My husband applied for...
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    Job change after 3 yrs of waiver on H1 -- problem

    Change jobs after completion of ji waiver. I am a physician working in underserved area and I am due to complete waiver in July07. Due to retrogression, India EB2 PD 1/05 ,I am extremely frustrated. My husband travels every week and then drives 3 hrs in treacherous conditions to come home. I...
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    Hadron, experts please answer my question

    POSMD I do not know the area i'm trying to move is HPSA/MUA. How do I find it.
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    Hadron, experts please answer my question

    Thankyou Hadron! Hadron, I truly appreciate your reply. I am going through SAD and retrogression blues all at once and it is -12C outside. I'll make sure that administrators work along with me if there is a RFE. I also wrote to my lawyer and will await his opinion.Thanks again. :) GMC92
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    Hadron, experts please answer my question

    I am on J1 waiver and employed by a big health care firm which has multiple sites in the region. Presently I am working in a remote place in rural MN. I'll be completing my waiver in July07. I have my labor approved with PD 01/05. I140 is pending. I'd like to move to another site which is 30...
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    complicated question...please help

    J1 waiver and EB1 Hadron, I am BC Family Practitioner working in a remote rural area in MN from last 2.5 years. I will be done with my waiver in July07. I recently got my labor approval PD Jan2005 India. I am about to apply for my I140. I was a chief resident in my program at SUNY...
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    J1 Waiver And Follow To Join

    I am a physician on J1 waiver and due to complete it in Aug 2007. With issue of retrogression looming, GC has become like a mirage. My PD is Jan2005 and LC is in Dallas BEC. This is my husband's scenario. His PD is Jan2003 but filed his 485 in Sept of 2003. Initially he did'nt add my name...
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    Follow To Join....

    j1 waiver and FTJ I am a physician on J1 waiver will complete my requirement in Aug2007 and my husband is EB2 with PD Jan 2003. It's been almost 2 years that he filed for 485. he is struck up with retrogression. Can I file for FTJ, so that if he gets his GC in next 2 years (High Hopes!), I'll...
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    Lou Dobbs misreported again tonight

    I can't believe this! Being an economist, it's unfathomable to think he supports protectionism. All protectionist economies failed miserably and history is the proof. Globalisation and capitalism are basic tenents and form the lifeline of this country. It is beyond any forces, now to stop...
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    Visa stamping experience for physicians

    Visa appt Posadas, I already have the appt in Vancouver and planning to fill the DS156 forms online. Also I have started the J1 waiver job Aug2004 and my H1B is approved in July2004.
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    Visa stamping experience for physicians

    Thankyou Thankyou so much for all the info. I've never been out of status. I am flying to canada in 2weeks and have all my papers ready. Not filed the forms online yet. Thanks again
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    Visa stamping experience for physicians

    I am not able to find a thread anywhere about physicians visa stamping experiences. Can anyone share their experiences in Canada, Mexico or in their home country? Especially changing from J1 to H1B. Any input is greatly appreciated. GMC92 :
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    H1 Visa stamping experience- Canada

    Hi stamping Sorry but I did'nt grasp whether you got your h1b stamped? You were talking abot B1 or F1 or H1. Did you get your visa? If your visa was cancelled without prejudice how did you enter USA.? Please clarify?
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    J1 waiver and travel

    I am so glad to discover this forum. My dilemma is travelling to India. I just started on my j1 waiver job in rural MN. I am not able to gather courage to go to Canada/India to get visa stamped. Is it possible for people to travel to their home country on EAD and advance parole? Will that affect...