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    One last question before leaving, Chennai Dropbox..

    Hello! sir/madam\'s, Please help. Am leaving to india in 2 days. Planning to send for H1 revalidation to Channai throught drop box. Please can you tell me 1. What all documants I need to send. 2. What all demand drafts I need to send. 3. What address do I need to post(spead post/courier) the...
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    What is web dropbox..

    What is web drop box... and how is it different from reguler dropbox. -Thanks..
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    Canada Visa stamping.

    Hi!, My H1B visa stamp has expiered as of Oct 2001. But I do have a valid I 94, as well as visa paper and never have been out of status. But the current expired visa stamp is from my earlier employer. I am planning to visit canada over one of the coming weekends(+monday), and get a new visa...
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    Canada Visa stamping.

    Planning to go to canada as soon as possible for H1 to H1 stamping. Tomorrow planning to get the canadian visa from NY. Question is, should I get a visitor visa (my friends are in canada) or should I take a tourist visa. And in either cases what important documents I need to take to Canadian...
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    -140 info being held back by the company..

    My company sent me an mail stating that my i-140 has been cleared as of Oct 30,2000. But when I asked for a copy of any paper work, they said that it will be     available only when my dates become current. Is there a way I can verify the validity of what my company is...
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    Visitors visa requirements

    Hi, I am planning for a visit to Canada in the near future mainly to get my (H1 to H1)H1 stamp, and also to visit my friends there. Thought of getting the canada visa from NY canadian consulate this friday ie day after tomorrow(only time when I can get office leave), so need to know what all...
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    What is ment by Drop Box.

    Can some one please tell me what is ment by Drop Box. Am planning for a visit to India in the month of June, the current visa stamp(H1B) has expiered, so have to get revalidated. The Madras consulate is 15 hrs journey for my place, so was hopeing to get the process done through mail this time...
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    H1 Revalidation In canada..

    Hello Guru\'s, Planing to go to Canada for my H1 revalidation. Currently the visa(expired as of Aug 2001) stamp in the passport is H1, but from my previous employer. Also have planned for India vist during the month of June(but trying to conserve the time there, as Chennai is 15 hrs journey)...