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    How to obtain Police clearance certificate for USA

    No Title call the police, or INS office in California passport photo places take finger prints and then you send them to FBI with money order good luck
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    can a canadian permanent resident come to the US ??

    No Title Appreciate your answer. I am holding a Bulgarian passport,and have immigrant visa for Canada do you think I will have problem coming back to the US after I land in Canada the reason that I want to come back here is to sell my house, in case I can\'t sell it before moving to Canada...
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    can a canadian permanent resident come to the US ??

    do I need a visa for the US if I have Canadian PR when I am crossing the border back to Canada how can they find out how long I have stayed in the US Please someone help thank you
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    experience with E1-E2 visas

    does anyone have experience with E. visas?
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    Please someone help

    No Title Thanks for your help Ramsud I don\'t have a wife yet and I will probably go back to my country December and wait over there for the result of I-140 and if everything is OK with it I will try to come back here for AOS maybe with tourist visa or something thanks again Julio
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    Please someone help

    I am about to file I-140 and my 6 years H-1 expires Dec. 2000 Can I change my status to F1 before filing I-140 and stay legal after Dec?