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    Secondary Inspection

    It has nothing to do with your religion. All folks without a national passport(who have a RP, RTD) are usually sent to secondary. It really depends on the officer if he thinks that your RP +GC validates your entry or not. SInce the fraud rate on RP/RTD was high at some point in the past years...
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    Indian visa after us citizen

    I still don't get why folks are trying hard on this one. You were an asylee and dissed your cop and now you want to go back & your cop is dissing you. Sounds fair to me. I don't blame Indian Govt in denying visas to ex-asylees of Indian origin. Btw my wife is Indian & I am not...another reason...
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    Indian visa after us citizen

    I don't Blame Indian embassy for not issuing you guys visa. You can't eat and have your cake too.
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    Oath Ceremony, End of Journey

    Lazer, congrats. Sorry been busy with things but your status was always in my mind as you were in the queue. Congrats dude..I bet you have the little blue book right under your pillow for a few months! Enjoy..
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    bad experience with RTD

    And the funny part in all of this story is that Greeks are the nicest in giving a schengen visa.
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    bad experience with RTD

    These things happen. Its your responsiblity to print out things that says you can travel with a RTD. For example, I used to take a letter from German Embassy saying RTD doesn't need a visa...or a printout from USCIS website that RTD can be used as a passport. Only way you can educate people...
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    asylum applying for naturalization with green card that was not backdated

    You should've corrected your GC. Unfortunately, they go by what's in the system. So for you to be eligible now, you need to send to fix your GC asap and then apply for your N400.
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    Again got held up for secondary- long post

    Have you ever lost your G.C or any u.s issued travel document? Many reasons can be for sending to secondary...tell us your immigraiton history and we can help you.
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    What is the best way to bring my wife to US?

    NVC only gets it when your I-130 is approved. Don't worry your I-130 won't be approved soon because currently you are a LPR.
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    Bringing wife after getting US citizenship

    just the I-130. You will file I-864 when your I-130 is approved and NVC has it.
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    Minor came on SB1 visa, Green card was taken at port-of-entry

    Right..that envelope has everything like the ds-230 and all the paperwork you filled. i would suggest you wait 30 days before an are just wasting your time in my opinion. You should get a welcome letter 3 weeks from the entry of your son and a gC 2 weeks after that.
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    UScitizenship interview complted. But asked for more evidence (Form N-14) for Proof of Child Support

    Yes you do. Get your wife to write a letter and notarize it that you are paying child support.
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    What is the best way to bring my wife to US?

    Make sure to file a separate I-130 for your son & wife. As a LPR, you can include your son with your wife's I-130 but once you become a USC, you need to have an I-130 for each its better to apply 2 I-130s right now. Its not as hard to upgrade. Make sure to be persistent and you will...
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    A couple of question about my case

    Usually it doesnt only updates when they send you an interview letter.
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    A couple of question about my case

    When you do your biometrics, they just verify your address with what's in the system. If you think its correct, you don't need to file AR-11...The RFE you got was for the biometrics and you should get an interview letter probably in 2-3 weeks after your FP's are complete and sent back by the...
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    Minor came on SB1 visa, Green card was taken at port-of-entry

    When SB1 visa is issued at a Consulate, he filed a ds-230 part 1 & 2 which asks for where to send the GC etc so I don't think he needs to go to do that since it was already done at the Consulate.
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    Interview Letter

    best of luck.
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    What is the best way to bring my wife to US?

    My wife/son were outside the country. Its not a hassle trust me. Even though I agree that 1800 line is a bad misinformation line, if you get through to the 2nd level support, they do all they can to help you. In my case, to upgrade my wife's case, it took only one phone call and to get to an...
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    What is the best way to bring my wife to US?

    I suggest you apply for I-130 ASAP. I made the mistake of not applying for my son's I-130 before I became a U.S Citizen & his application got approved 4 months after my wife's upgrade case, which got approved in 2 weeks after calling the 1800 number. So I suggest you apply for your wife's...