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    Dual citizenship

    Before I was a citizen...I used to hear stories of how when you become a citizen, the "INS" at that time would automatically notify your original country of nationality that you are a u.s citizen now and renounce your original nationality. Well I guess it's not how do I make sure I...
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    Passport in 3.5 hours!

    Dropped by at the Washington D.C passport office this morning at 8am. Printed an Iternary last night..had me leaving on Dec 31st. No one was there when I got there. Got my new & crisp passport at 11:30am. less than 3 hours. WOW! Didn't get the passport card because I was sick of carrying a GC...
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    U.S Citizen Finally!

    Sorry for the long post. For the lazy bums. I was approved and took Oath same day. My 18 year journey(1991-2009) ends today!!! Thanks to each & all who wrote words of encouragement. My prayers will be for each of you for your success & freedom. Asked about if i have been to COP. Didn't ask...
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    U.S Citizen Finally!

    Sorry for the long post. For the lazy bums. I was approved and took Oath same day. For the rest who want to read the it is: After the false start on Monday. My day came on Tuesday. The day started when I heard my alarm went off on the song "I gotta feeling that tonight's gonna be...
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    Interview postponed!!!

    My interview was rescheduled for tommorrow morning after I waited till 5pm. The officer came and said that because of the storm last week, all interviews last Monday were scheduled for today. Since few officers had called in sick, they were overbooked. She aplogized to me & few other afternoon...
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    Federal Offices Closed..what happens?

    All D.C federal offices are closed on Monday due to the winter storm...what happens to people who have interviews on Monday???
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    Appointment date at Passport agency before becoming USC?

    My interview is on the 28th and I am hoping I get the same or next day Oath. Is it safe to set an appointment at National Passport Center for the 29th...I would like to travel on the 30th to see my family overseas. Will I be accused of "claiming" to be a Citizen If I set the appointment before...
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    Found out my ID over the phone

    Yay I got my ID over the phone. I got to the 2nd level officer and pleaded for the date since I am going to Seattle for 2 weeks and didn't want to miss it. Found out it's dec 28th at 2 pm. Guess no same day oath. Basically fp to il/id was 6 days...nice!!
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    USCIS catches their error

    I got a letter from USCIS that a "service error" happened at the ASC causing fp not being submitted for clearance and I have to take my fp again. Letter is dated a day before I got my 2nd fp done. I had called 1800 number on the 12th telling them of their fp problem. I wish they would respond...
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    If you did FP from 10/26-11/04 in Alexandria read this

    There was a thread going on( which mentioned that many folks at Alexandria DO(washington d.c) office had FP taken but not received by the FBI. I was one of the 'victims'....Anyways I did my FP on 10/28/09 and FBI didnt get it till this...
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    House Burgarlized - Is this a problem with Name Check?

    My luck just is not with me as usual. I came home today to find out that my house was robbed...Will this cause any issues for my name-check etc? Will it delay my Namecheck? I am so freaking worried now because of this stupid thing....
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    Ways to Contact USCIS

    . USCIS Service Center Inquiry Instructions - Aug 2009 The USCIS issued instructions (PDF 32.7KB) August 6, 2009 on how to follow up on cases pending at the USCIS service centers. These instructions should be followed by individuals and organizations inquiring about timelines and generic...
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    Travel Document in 15 Days!!

    I recently applied for a travel document on May 30th and I got an email this morning that my TD has been mailed. I had attached a letter from the USPS managers stating I need to travel to Germany @siemens for a meeting in July. Amazed at the response!! Wow!
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    Photos for I-131

    Do we still need to submit photos for I-131? or is it scanned when doing bio?
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    Switzerland Joined Schengen

    Now GC holders need visa to visit Switzerland. IMPORTANT NOTICE IN REGARDS TO SWITZERLAND JOINING THE SCHENGEN VISA SCHEME Switzerland has joined the Schengen visa scheme on December 12, 2008. Therefore all foreign nationals residing in the USA who require a Schengen visa will from that...
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    Obama halts all regulations pending review

    Does it mean the GC holders being FP'd regulation will also be reviewed? or does it come under national security? WASHINGTON (AP) — One of President Barack Obama's first acts Tuesday was to put the brakes on all pending regulations that the Bush administration tried to push through in its...
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    Sister's USC Citizenship Experience

    Ok my other sister just had her interview on Friday. The interview lasted 15 minutes max and the officer did ask her about her NP. She had renwed her NP and was asked as to when and why(she renewed it few weeks after approval) which my sister told the officer that she renewed it for 1 year...
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    U.S Citizenship Timeframe Cut

    It was taking 400 days(13+ months) to get an interview in WAshington d.c. Well folks, my sister applied on May 29th, 2008 and got her interview letter for October. So this is great news for all of us with the timeframe cut to 5-6 months. I hope it stays like this. BTW Washington D.C...
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    Rentry Permit Denied if applied while outside of U.S

    AAO Rejects Filings for Reentry Permits while Outside U.S. The Administrative Appeals Office (AAO) recently made public a case confirming the denial of an application for reentry permit that was filed while the applicant was outside of the United States. The Murthy Law Firm did not provide...
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    My Rentry Experience

    I came back yesterday from JFK and since you know once they took away RTD from me and then always sent me to secondary since they flagged me. The officer first asked me how long I was gone for so i said 3 weeks. Then he scanned my GC and then looked and said "I think you need to go to...