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    EB2 - Experience Requirement

    Friends, Applied eb3 in February 2003 and waiting for 485 approval for a while– meanwhile in 2009 applied for eb2 labor from the same employer and labor got approved last month and now applying for I-140 I have a question on experience criteria – prior to joining my employer I have only...
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    November 2009 Visa Bulletin Predictions

    EB3 - Feb 2003 (prediction) I hope EB3 will move to - Feb 2003 - there is no logic behind this prediction except being +ve
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    OCT Bulletin is Finally here
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    Silver lining

    guys check this link - looks like there is a hope Remember, I am strictly a layperson without any legal training. Please, if in doubt, be sure to use the services of a professional lawyer whom you trust.
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    I-485 - 591 days and counting.-

    Waiting for 2190 Days Labour PD: 02/2003 I-485 Receipt Dt:06/07/2005 I-485 AD ???????
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    I-485 RFE-responded and seeing LUDs

    Dont know , thats what happened with me as well - no changes in statement but dates changed
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    I-485 RFE-responded and seeing LUDs

    greenc2009 are you seeing LUDS as well ?
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    I-485 RFE-responded and seeing LUDs

    Guys, I have recieved an RFE in the month of April 29th 2009 for Medical , Employer letter and Address. Responded back on May 21st 2009 (same day LUD changes with message Case processing resumed) since then I am seeing LUDs on my case any one have same kind of experience ? Chad My...
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    Current Status: Card production ordered.

    Please post your details - Priority Date, category, etc
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    Need help with AP question

    Advance Parole - I got mine and my wife's Advance Parole in 10 days. In fact my wife got it in 5 days. I applied through attorney - The attorney did a excellent job regarding expedite process His cover letter did the entire job I guess. The expedite process really worked for me - be +ve and...
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    name check pending

    I got my EAD approved in 3 days I applied my EAD and AP together and my EAD was approved in 3 days and I sent a letter for Expedite process through my Lawyer for my AP and it was approved in 10 days but my current status on AP still showing as pending (online Status) but I got my approved AP...
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    AP Approved with no LUDs for dependents pending for Primary

    Same here My AP approved with LUDs online - even now online message shows AP is pending. In fact my case details are similar to yours My Priority Date - Same as you RFE - Same as you Case transfer same as you Looks like your case is just similar to mine
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    Jan Visa Bulletin - No Good News
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    Online update from TSC ...What it might be

    It Could be your Finger Printing Notice Couldu please put our details as well ....when was your last finger printing and all ??
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    Help needed - 485 and 765 - Urgent!

    Read My Experience My Wife I-485 Denied too and every thing become straight with in 2 weeks - With Local Congress men help.
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    I-485 Denail Notice: Help Needed

    Have you recieved letter Yet ?? If so what's the reason ?? the best bet for you would be talking to your local congress men - and explain the situation.
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    Any Speculations on upcoming Oct Bulletin ?

    Any Speculations on upcoming Oct Bulletin ?
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    July Visa bulletin released at Mumbai, Ind consulate

    Depressing , Sad, Miserable, Discouraging, Disappointing Depressing , Sad, Miserable, Discouraging, Disappointing
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    EAD - Renewal Question

    I applied for EAD Renewal and I see in my bank account on 06/02/08 check was cashed by USCIS - any idea how long it takes from there ??
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    June_Bulletin ??

    Lets Start speculating June Visa Bulletin - I hope it will be like last year June Bulletin