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    Choosing the legibility country (Ukraine or Moldova - whats best?)

    Hello! I was born in Ukraine, so normally I should fill that in. However, my wife is from Moldova. I saw today this clause in the instructions: So, first of all please correct me if I am wrong, but I assume that means I CAN claim eligibility based on my wife's country, cant I...
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    Elligibility based on work experience - how to figure it out?

    The instructions say: Its unclear however, and I was not able to find a list of professions defined as "requiring at least two years of training or experience to perform". Assistance, please?
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    Children of a wife for DV-2014?

    Hello! I am starting to get organized to submit the application, and this year I have a new problem since I am now married :) My wife has a 5 year old son (I am not his father, nor adopted him), and currently he lives abroad. Am I supposed to mention him in MY application? other than my wife...
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    How to get updates on DV-2014?

    I've been on 2012, wasnt selected and later was busy with life, assuming I have plenty of time for 2013. Now I've checked, only to find out its all done and dusted for 2013 :( So, my question now is how to get email alert, when they announce the details of DV-2014? so I can mark in calendar and...
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    DV-2012 status check - new Bugs on their systems? :D

    Hey everyone! I am sure we all have been anticipating the July 15th, with hope... "Apparently", I did not win, but I am not sure that is true, because of the following: If I take my registration number 201229*** and modify randomly, even make fictitious username and birth date - I...