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    HUGE NEWS!!! - 20,000 visas NOT limited to holders of US Master's Degrees!

    First, CIS misses the statutory deadline for making the additional 20,000 visas available. Then, the day of the deadline (today) they say “We have already processed 20,000 H-1Bs with Masters in FY 2005, so the additional 20,000 are available to everyone. BUT, do not file until further notice...
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    USCIS WAS WRONG! Cannot File Prior to Eligibility

    USCIS Service Center Operations ("SCOPS") office has advised AILA that USCIS was incorrect when it stated that it was possible to file for a 7th year H-1B extension prior to the 365 day aniversary of the LC filing. USCIS now advises that a request for an H-1B extension beyond the sixth year...
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    H-1B Cap

    Reliable sources have indicated that enough cap-subject H-1Bs have been approved or are in the pipeline to reach the cap for this fiscal year, and that a notice cutting off cap-subject H-1B filings is imminent.
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    The USCIS announced that, based upon first quarter tabulations, 43,500 H-1B cases that could count against the 65,000 cap for FY 04 have been either approved or are in the queue for adjudication.
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    I-140 Revocation and AC21

    This is directly from Sheela Murthy's website. I am very surprise and I agree with Sheela that AC21 would have no meaning if this becomes common. I just don't get it. Anyway, here it is: We have recently become aware of cases in which the INS has denied I-485s due to the revocation of the...
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    Income tax?

    Assuming your are talking about income tax (as opposed to sales tax, property tax, or any or the other million or so taxes we seem to have in the US) no income = no tax due.