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    What happens if PD is current & not in a position to apply

    I am in my 11th year on H1 visa expiring in Nov'11. What will happen if my PD becomes current and I am out of country or because of some reason I am not able to apply for 2 months. Thanks
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    What are my options?

    PD: June 2002 I140 approved I485 not applied I am on my 10th year on H1B. Current H1 visa valid till 2011 end. Below are my questions 1) If my job is terminated now then what are my options other then going back to my home country? Can I transfer my H1B to another company? 2) Current...
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    AOS application related question

    Hi my I140 is approved, PD is June 2002 EB3 India. My questions are 1) Is it advisable now to apply for consular processing? 2) Do I need company/lawyers help to file for consular processing? 3) Say next year if my PD is current then do I have to immediately go to US consulate to get my GC? if...
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    PD not current, Wife wants to visit India, options

    It may take about at few months before i could apply for my GC. Meantime my wife may go back to India for personal reasons. Meantime if the GC dates are current then my wife has to be in US to apply for GC? Also can we complete our FP and background check at the same time? Please advice
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    Estimate position: TOTAL allocated visa per year

    My EB3 PD June 2002 India. I calculated and found that total pending GCs before my date are 3815. How many GC are allocated to EB3 category to India per year?. Just a guess as to when I will be able to apply for my GC and atleast get an EAD? If anybody has the same PD or close to my PD please...
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    Am I (or company) eligible to apply for N470

    My company has out sourced some work to an Indian company. Company's vice president is physically supervising the work over there. He is USC and have moved with his family to India. My question once i get my GC and after I complete my 1year with the company, am I eligible to file for N470...