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    Into college thru the back door

    pretty weird, you can work, when mine says "not valid to work". You can enter a school with that. I mean I applied for a community college when I graduated in high school in 2002, but I came here at the age of 5. Now June of 08 ill be graduating in AA in visual arts and 5 vocational certificates...
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    jobs for illegal aliens

    Well I figure when you start school, think of a long term plan and say to yourself "Well if this will be my job, then i got to prove to people i work for that i am what they want for this job and then some". But you got to work hard, real hard. Right now this what gives me hope, because there is...
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    Forget about the DREAM act

    I think they should really think about this, I am on the verge of graduating and many others like me in my position. I came here at a young age at 5 years old and now I am 23, so imagine, someone telling to come go back to my native country for what reason, coming here when I was child. Growing...
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    Driver's License for Immigrants

    I reside in California, yes we are basically screwed. We have the Dream Act or after college we can join the armed forces (serious thought of mind, I am under petition, and I dont want to wait for ever for it to pull through, by then my skills would probably be obsolete by then)., so in that way...
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    Illegal student - Miami, FL

    anyone try applying for community colleges? If you ss# then your good to go. I've been attending cc for a while now, I am about to graduate in a year, from there i wouldn't know what to do after I graduate.
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    Help with license issue in NJ

    It is possible hardly any schools ask for ss, I am not sure of it but I know most schools dont ask. Kid I am in the same position you are in. I am 23 and you my friend is 17 you have a long way to go. As we speak I am trying to find ways but i always hit road blocks. I am one year of finishing...
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    Driver's License for Immigrants

    khurampk, InPursuit, rahflow, I am in the same position you are all in. I am in my last year of community college and I am trying to transfer by 08-09, but my problem is getting a DL. I have ss but my i-94 is expired. Is there a way to solve this?