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    EB2 - Experience Requirement

    Friends, Applied eb3 in February 2003 and waiting for 485 approval for a while– meanwhile in 2009 applied for eb2 labor from the same employer and labor got approved last month and now applying for I-140 I have a question on experience criteria – prior to joining my employer I have only...
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    OCT Bulletin is Finally here
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    Silver lining

    guys check this link - looks like there is a hope Remember, I am strictly a layperson without any legal training. Please, if in doubt, be sure to use the services of a professional lawyer whom you trust.
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    I-485 RFE-responded and seeing LUDs

    Guys, I have recieved an RFE in the month of April 29th 2009 for Medical , Employer letter and Address. Responded back on May 21st 2009 (same day LUD changes with message Case processing resumed) since then I am seeing LUDs on my case any one have same kind of experience ? Chad My...
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    Jan Visa Bulletin - No Good News
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    Any Speculations on upcoming Oct Bulletin ?

    Any Speculations on upcoming Oct Bulletin ?
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    EAD - Renewal Question

    I applied for EAD Renewal and I see in my bank account on 06/02/08 check was cashed by USCIS - any idea how long it takes from there ??
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    June_Bulletin ??

    Hi Guys, I know its too early to talk about June bulletin but I am hoping that EB-3 will move to June 2003 just like Last year Any speculations? Chad_Randal
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    Visa Bulletin for March is OUT and EB-3 is Aug 2001

    Visa Bulletin for March is OUT and EB-3 India is Aug 2001 Visa Bulletin for March is OUT and EB-3 India is Aug 2001
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    Responded back to RFE - How long for decision ?

    Guys, Is this mandate that USCIS should make a decision with in 60 days for the guys who responded back to there RFE ? Appreciate your inputs Chad
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    Guys, I am one of the victim from Oct 03 RFEs. On Oct 03 my online status changed to "RFE sent" but me or my Attorney never received it - finally with congress men's help I got it on Nov 01 - and responded back on Nov5th - USCIS received on – Nov 7th Since then I had 5 Luds and today when...