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    time from I-485 approval to Passport stamp

    YES, its still valid. You have one year to get it stamped. Good Luck. Others, correct me if I am wrong.
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    For folks who submitted I140/485 after DEC 20/ '04

    RFE = Request for further evidence
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    What is this Name Check About ?

    Its a part of 485 processing. These days, unless there is a green signal from FBI regarding a applicant's name, his/her 485 will not be approved. Only a small percentage of names might get stuck with this process which might take anywhere from few days - weeks - months. You don't need to...
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    Spouse 485 approved dependant pending

    scv99, Once you send in a clear copy of Marriage Certificate, I think your 485 approval is around the corner. Regarding your travel to India, as long as you have a valid AP (which you mentioned that you have), you are fine. Even if your 485 gets approved while in India, you can still enter...
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    New Ac21 Memo

    Yes, salary issue has been addressed. The new AC21 says that salary is not a issue as long as there is not a major difference between the two salaries. My interpretation of the salary issue: If the LC PW was 100K and now the AC21 job gives 80K (ofcourse anything over 100K is perfectly...
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    Those who applied in oct/nov 2004

    beemer, Congratulations on your 485 approvals. Check with your attorney. They might have gotten or will be getting the 140 approval.
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    Applying for I-140 , mistake in labor cert

    Couple of things...when you say "based on approved labor" it your labor or a substitute labor?? If it is your labor and you are taking about attorney's mistake in ETA 750 A/B application...what is on the approved Labor?? What is the requirement on it...if you have that
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    140 in EB3 - What is the realistic time period for approval

    tominavhech, Looking at the various posts...I think it might take around <= 30 days (if you are lucky) or you should be done in 60-90 days max. Good Luck.
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    AC21: 180 days from which date?

    emailraja, see inset...
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    UN, Ginnu please help.....Go or No go for AC21?

    I am not sure if you will be asked for company's name during your stamping appointment....Many ppl who got their 485 approvals have mentioned that they just took their approval letters, EADs, passport and got it stamped without any issues or questions asked. Any other thoughts...comments...
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    CSC-I140 RFE cases

    sanjis, answers inset...just my thoughts. Good Luck on your appeal.
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    Can I work as a 1099, after 180 days of I485??

    Tammy2, Thanks a lot for your response.
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    Can I work as a 1099, after 180 days of I485??

    tammy, How about this scenario: If the spouse (derivative applicant on 485) gets EAD...Can this derivative applicant work on 1099??.. The primary applicant is still on H1B. Is there a issue/problem that you see on their 485s?? Pls. comment.
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    I-140 processing times depending on company?

    I concur with you. Since I-140 is company related, if the company which is filing this application is a well-known or financially very stable, trading in NASDAQ etc...the chances are pretty good. But others might get a little stare, but if they have the necessary supporting documents to prove...
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    Those who applied in oct/nov 2004

    Congrats babu on your I-140 approval.
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    Those who applied in oct/nov 2004

    Could be namecheck....OR you might get it soon too. Good Luck.
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    Unbelievably Fast Approvals

    Thats nice to hear that the 140 is approved. Hope your PD becomes current soon and you guys (and all others waiting inline) get the 485s. Cheers
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    Unbelievably Fast Approvals

    He is all set...he can now travel and come back on AP and still be on H1B. PS: We will be more happier when we hear that his I-140/I-485 (and your 485) is approved. Good Luck.
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    Those who applied in oct/nov 2004

    Nisha, My answers are inset...