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    Spouse citizenship application

    Hi I have applied for my own citizenship last month ( Feb 2013 ) as I had my green card approved in April 2008. My spouse's approval happened one year later for some strange reason after multiple follow ups with USCIS in May 2009. My question is can she apply for citizenship now or does she...
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    2013 Feb N 400 Tracker

    GC Since April 2008 DO Detroit , MI 2/05/13: N-400 mailed to Phoenix, AZ 2/07/13: N-400 delivered 2/13/13: Email Notification & case no received 2/15/13: NOA received (Priority Date: 02/08/13 ) 2/19/13: FP notice recd 3/07/13: FP scheduled - Done 3/25/13: In line for Interviewing scheduling...
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    Maintaining GC status (5 years) for citizenship

    Hi I got my GC approved in April-2008. Due to some personal circumstances I plan to leave US for good in next 1 year. That means I will be in US physically for 30-32 months by Feb-March next year.I was on vacation for 1 month last year. I understand that the rule says one has to be in the...
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    Hi I have my 485 approved & I’m yet to get the physical card. I had some questions on the Re-entry permit which one gets if he has to live outside United States for more than 1 year. 1) If one leaves without permit? How long can he live outside? Is there defenite perios defined by USCIS...
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    Card not received

    Hi I got the 485 approval email on 24th April 08. I called USCIS & they told that my biometrics were pending so I took infopass & got my biometrics scheduled on May 17th 08.I did that & the online message changed to Card in production. My wife's case is still pending.I'm the primary in this...
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    H1B extension/application- approval tracker

    Hi I'm starting this thread for tracking the H1B's applied & approved for extension at CSC. My details 9th year applied RD at CSC - 8/21/07 GC details PD-05/2003 140 approved - 10/2006 485/765/AP - RD - 06/2007 Thanks GCcomesoon
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    No FP notice

    Hi Here are my case details Priority date - 05/2003 140 approved - 10/2006 from TSC 485,131,765 RD-6/04/2007 at TSC, notices received - 06/07/2007 CA, EB2 Wife's case returned due to some error,send it again & received on 06/17/2007 as per Fedex Wife's case RD- 7/10/2007 LUD...
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    Appointment dates at Mumbai Consulate

    H1B Appointment dates at Mumbai Consulate Hello, I am looking out for appointment dates between June - July at Mumbai consulate for H1B stamping, as I am travelling to India from June 14 - July 14. But I do not see the Mumbai consulate dates when I go to the VFS website. Has any...
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    Transit Visa required for Frankfurt

    Hi My wife plans to travel to India in June.She has approved H1B papers ( 797 ) which she plans to go & get it stamped in India.She was earlier on H4 which is stamped & expired in Oct -06. She is flying Lufthansa & she has stop over in Frankfurt for few hours. In this situation does she...
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    140 tracker for EB2 , premium processsing

    Hi Lets make this thread for tracking 140 cases in EB2 category, filed with premuim processing.I'm in process of filing my case thru the attorney in next few days.Anyone filed yesterday ? Please give your inputs Thanks GCcomesoon
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    CA Tracker for H1B extension filing in July-Aug-06

    Case filed for 8th year - 27th July 06 Receipt dated - 3rd Aug 06 How much time is it taking for approvals nowadays ?Of course the bulletin shows June 7th, 2006. Thanks GCcomesoon
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    Travel to Hawai on expired HI1b visa ?

    Hi I was planning to visit Honululu,Hawai with my wide.Our H visas are going to expire in Oct-06.We have our extensions approved & have the nessecary paper work. Now does one require valid H visa stamped when coming back from HI ?I understand HI is part of the US , so we don't need visa...
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    Has anyone heard about DanLaw in MI ?

    Hi I have one of my friends, who had offer from this company called Danaw Inc, which is based in Farmington Hills area, Michigan. Has anyone heard abou this company ?It looks to be decent company Any inputs would be appreciated Thanks GCcomesoon
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    Question on travel outside US

    Hi I just came 1 month back from my home country on H4 to join husband in the US.I already have job offer from company here & they filed my H1B yesterday. Today I got email from attorney that I should not travel outside US when the H1B petition is pending. We already have plans to go...
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    June -2006 Visa bulletin

    New Visa bulletin is here Hi Does anyone have any idea about the June bulletin ?I'm sure many of us are waiting for it to come out.I thought may be we can guess & feel good, till it actually comes out. I think the EB2 dates would move to June -July -2003 & the EB3 dates would move to...
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    L1 or H4 ? Whats better option ?

    Hi I got married in Dec-05 & came back to US.I'm on H1B , 7th year extension.My wife works for reputed IT company in India. She has her H4 appointment in April 2nd week. Her company says that now they will file her L1 visa which should be approved in 1 month time. The stamping might require...
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    Stay in Canada area & work in US

    Hi I got residency in March-2003 & landed in July that year.I have PR status valid till Nov-2008.I have to be there by Nov-2006 to maintain my status.The US GC is distant dream now with retrogession & Philly BEC. I was wondering if 1) One could stay on US-Canada border ( say in...
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    Sponsoring my wife , after divorce

    Hi Guys I got my Canadian PR approved in March -2003 , At that time I was married & my wife too got hers with me.We landed there in July-2003 & came back to the US.Unfortunately we got divorced in Dec-2004,. I heard my ex-wife has gone & settled in Canada.God bless. Now my PR is expires in...
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    H4 stamping to be done

    Hi Guys I have been in the US for over 6 years, Now I plan to go & get married next month. I also have to get my 7th year Visa stamped on the passport.Now as we require interviews, my wife has to wait for few months or days. As of now Mumbai consulate is having wait time of 66 days, Is...
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    Travelling to India, by Al-Italia

    Guys I intent to fly by Al-Italia, I plan to get visa stamped in India. I have a valid I-797 (Notice of Action). Will it be a problem in any of the transit airport such as Milan, Italy I would appreciate If any body can share their knowledge / personal experience. note - I called...