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    Attending University while on TN1

    Hello there, I am planning on applying for admission to a University for Masters Degree and will have to attend classes on weekends and/or weekday-evenings. I checked with university and they said I will make a great candidate for the program and I should go ahead and apply. Now before I...
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    TN to GC - What is the best approach to take this up with your employer?

    The company I work for (among fortune 20), has a very laid back kind of environment and everyone is too relaxed -from the people I report to the law firm it deals with. All that matters for them is that if you are in status RIGHT NOW and TN renewals are happening without any issues, they...
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    TN Renewal with Expired Passport

    Just wondering if I will need a valid passport for TN1 Renewal through mail (within USA)? My Canadian passport has expired about 4-5 months back and I am planning on applying for TN1 renewal through mail within next week or so (TN expiring April'09). Thanks.
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    Non-Canadian Dependents

    My spouse is Canadian PR/ Indian citizen. She got her previous TD from US Embassy in Canada. Now, it is about time for us to renew my TN/her TD and I was just wondering if she can renew her TD without travelling to Canada or India. Can she renew her TD within US by mail? I know I can do that but...