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    GC stamp in PP

    Is GC /PR stamp in PP sufficient to travel to canada or you need to have physical card with you ?/
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    485 Approved

    Ac21 - 485 Approved
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    AC21Case approved

    Folks i did inform USCIS about my job change case details below are the DOC's i sent to CIS. Cover Letter U.S. Department of Homeland Security U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Vermont Service Center 75...
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    I485 -ND 10/02/2003 Approved

    Folks finally myself and my wife cases have been approved. Mine is an AC21 case and I did inform CIS about my job change so for folks who have informed CIS do not worry your time will come. below are my case details. Applied LC throguh comp A in 2001 (PD 05/03/2001) LC got stuck...
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    gettin FP done 2 days after Appointment

    Hi We have FP1 Appointment at Boston on 10/28/04 (thrusday) but we can't make it . So can we just walk in on Saturday(which is when we are free) and get it done. please share your experiences in Boston regarding this. I-485 ND 10/02/2003
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    EAD2 approved ND 08/19/04 VSC

    EADs approved . yesterday (09/08/04)Message was "The new card has been ordered". today(09/09/04) it is the standard approval message. LUD changed both the days...
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    Concurrent Approvals Needed

    Please post all the concurrent Approvals only. My guess is ppl who filed concurrently between March -03 to Jun - 03 (Since FP's are stuck at June 03) most likely to see the concurrent approvals since the FP's will be expiring pretty soon and also implementation of FO memo. recent...
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    I140 Approved ND 07/07/03 RFE EB3

    Guys My I140 approved was approved on 06/07/04 (Yesterday). Details I140 ND 07/07/03 RFE :04/19/04 RFE :Company ability to pay (Responded with my 03 Tax Returns and W2 along with company docs ) RFE Response Rcvd :05/28/04 EB3 I485: ND 10/02/03 FP?? AD?? Cheked the staus...
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    For Brigand there is still hope

    Posting portion of Murthy Bulliten regarding faster I485 Approvals. So folks don't lose hope ( well .. it is kind a ironic isn't wrt CIS). recently there was post on Vermont I485 forum about person with ND Feb 03 got apporved. So as we all know nothing is consitent wrt to USCIS. One never...
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    Salary (> 100%) Difference Between LC and New Job (AC21)

    Guys i hope i can get answer to this question here. What is acceptable salary difference between LC and new Job using AC21 ( > 180 days) i have read posts where 20 to 30 % is ok but what if there is an difference of say 100% or more . how does that will effect the case. ( or may be...
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    RFE on I140 - EB3

    hmd's RFE on I140 - EB3 on April 19 th Guys Just checked the my status . Below is the message ND 07/07/2003 On April 19, 2004, we mailed a notice requesting additional evidence or information in this case. The notice explains in detail what additional material is needed. If you have...
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    Scan software Updated for new CIS website
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    for PPl with ND 07/07/2003

    Guys I did a scan for ND 07/07/2003. Before i got shut out this is what i could gather. I even tired from different machines with no luck . I guess i need to use some IP spooffing tool. Does any body has something readliy available and willing to e-mail me ?( masking/spoofing IP Tool)...
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    any approvals for I140

    Guys it has been a while since i saw any approval for I140 posted here. is this because ppl are not posting them here or it is just that USCIS is taking it's own time?? so please do post any approvals before moving to I485 forum ?? hmd
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    How long does it take to get the EAD Card

    I just checked my I765 status . It says "Your case has been approved and we will mail you card once it is ready " does any one know how long will take to receive the card?? I140 RD07/02/03 ND 07/07/03 --- No approval yet I764 RD10/01/03 ND 10/02/03 aprroved on 01/28/04. I131...
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    Did Any body get EAD and AP at Boston after 90 days of RD

    My ND is Oct 02 2003 and it will be more than 90 days by jan 2nd 2004 .Did anybody get EAD and AP after that in Boston?? The reason why i am asking is my lawyer just told me that they stopped issuing EAD at Boston Office even after 90 days have passed. I need EAD for my wife so that she can...
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    How to get copy of ETA 750A and 750B in LC

    Hi guys Does these forms ETA750Aand B usually are kept at the lawyerrs office or the employer has it.?My employer says there are with lawyer.( Maybe that's an excuse) is there any other way to get a copy of the ETA 750A and B in LC apart from the lawyer or employer Ex: through Fremdom of...
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    Need info on lawyer

    Can anybody suggest a good lawyer in Boston area?? I am planning to file I485 my self as my company is not willing to do it hmd
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    Need info on Lawyer

    Can anybody suggest a good lawyer in Boston area?? I am planning to file I485 my self as my company is not willing to do it hmd
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    did anybody applied I485 on their own

    Did anybody apply I485 on their own ?? if so i have few questions because i am planning to do the same. hmd