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    Second I-140 petition approved

    My I-140 EB2-NIW petition (VSC to TSC transfer on 04/24/2006) was approved today. This is only of academic interest as I got my green card about a month ago (I-140 EB1-EA & I-485 were approved on 05/23/2006).
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    AP is required to travel abroad during AOS

    I came across this press release and thought it is of interest to many.. A number of individuals in the past had queried whether AP is needed to travel abroad while I-1485 is pending. The answer is YES. Details can be found in the press release by USCIS on May 24, 2006...
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    I-140 & I-485 approvals

    Today must be one of my lucky days! I just checked my email and got some wonderful news. My I-140 EB1-EA has been approved today (transferred from VSC to NSC on 05/05). About an hour later (5:46pm EST), our I-485s (for both myself and my wife) have been approved as well (our I-485s were not...
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    I-140 Premium Processing in 15 days!

    After a few years, USCIS has finally introduced premium processing for I-140 petitions. All employment based petitions are eligible for expedited processing for an additional $1000 fee except for the EB2-NIW category. This notice is effective today! AILA had reported this yesterday and today...
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    Any recent approvals of EB1-EA, EB1-OR, and EB2-NIW cases at VSC?

    Folks: Any recent approvals of I-140 for EB1 extraordinary ability, EB1 outstanding researcher, and EB2 national interest waiver categories from Vermont Service Center? Just want to see the deviation from the published processing dates.