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    J1 Physician married to an American Citizen

    Try Hardship waiver you will need to file I-612 ( very simple form) but you will have to stress more on additional hardship documentations . I was successful in getting I-612 hardship waiver for my wife and also simultaneously got HPSA conrad 30 waiver in california. But USCIS will only...
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    H-1 fees

    Filing fees $ 185 can be paid by candidate or lawyer.. ( you pay lawyer $185 ) Lawyer feed start anywhere from 750$ to $ 2000 There are two other fees, in additions to filing fees. 1. Training Fees has to come from the employer .. through you employer may be exempted if he is affliated...
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    How to start for J1 Waiver job

    I got the J1 waiver job from the advt is also good site .. register youself ..and you will get email of new job posting .. folllow the jobs if its under HPSA area or underserve area. I got 4 offer for j1 jobs .. 1 from slave driver 2 look to be gentleman...
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    J1 Wavier

    Are yu Physician..if so .. You have only 3 options .. 1. Willing to work in Underserved Area ..if your get job in those areas. 2. Have Hardship conditions .. such as medical cond of spouse/child to go back to your home country.. 3. If you go back to home country you will be persecuted...
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    Can J1 petition be withdrawn? Please help

    Avoid getting in to J1.. my advise.. *** This is visa is a Foriegn Doctor Human Right Abuse Visa. **** J1 for Doctors have different set of rules .. they are not granted waiver based on No Obligations to return to home country (NORI) only way to get waiver on this category is...
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    J1 Conrad 30 waiver + Hardship waiver..

    I have applied for both conrad 30 and Hardship waiver. My conrad 30 is approved by DOS and I am waiting for the decision on Hardship waiver thruough USCIS. Questions. 1. Will USCIS consider my hardship waiver now in light of conrad 30 waiver approved. 2. If USCIS approves my...
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    Montreal CP on Dec 20th - Got Plastic Card to\'day DOE 20/12/2001 POE Montreal Dorval Int\'l Airport Plastic Card and form I-797C (welcome letter) received on 01/12/2002 Good Luck to all CPer..
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    Montreal - CPer.. Got Plastic Card..

    No Title we had the interview on the same day 12/20/2001 ..? at Montreal. I guess you had interview early Morning. I was schedule at 10:30 am
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    Montreal - CPer.. Got Plastic Card..

    DOE 12/20/2001 recived Plastic card on 01/11/2002 from TSC POE was Montreal - Dorval International Airport Good Luck for all CPer in waiting..
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    Very important, CP procedure change

    New CP procedure is already being Implemented in Montreal CP as Pilot project. This procedure was first implemented in Montreal, Canada..? Procedure is straight forward.. NVC gets all the copies of the documeneted and fees they process your file and forward it to consulate for approval of...
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    I just found information on PCC for India

    PCC Get it from Indian Embassy in Washington DC.. You may get it within 15 days..if you have renewed the Passport in USA or else it will take 1 month with $22 charge for expediate in additions to $ 11 fee for PCC. My wife got it in 10 days since her passport was renewed here..?
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    DEC 20th Montreal CP Succesful.. Good Luck to Cper in Waiting.?

    No Title I had submitted photo copies of all documents to NVC as per my lawyer. If you submitted original that it would be forwarded by NVC to consulate..
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    DEC 20th Montreal CP Succesful.. Good Luck to Cper in Waiting.?

    No Title They did not ask me I-134.. since my wife was not on my petitions she is on J1 visa and had to abide 2 yrs on Home Residency Rule..? Poor souls. I felt sad for her..?
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    DEC 20th Montreal CP Succesful.. Good Luck to Cper in Waiting.?

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    DEC 20th Montreal CP Succesful.. Good Luck to Cper in Waiting.?

    No Title No..  But its a good idea to carry it with you.. If you don\'t have one  they will provide you..? I have seen some folk filling it up at the  enbassy..?
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    DEC 20th Montreal CP Succesful.. Good Luck to Cper in Waiting.?

    Appointment at 9:15....Finished entire CP process by 12:00Pm They asked for ORIGINALS of following documents.. 1. Marriage Certificate 2. Police clearance 3. Form 9003 4. Notarised Employment Letter 5. Birth certificate    Took oath and returned Marriage Certificate and...
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    OTTAWA as POE -- Montreal CP folks?

    No Title I had POE Dorval Montreal.. no wait.. finished it in 20 Min. Also I remember Ottawa my H1B extensions couple of month back there are only two Booth for Immigrations and queue is held up..? Montreal - Dorval is much preferred..?
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    PCC for Indians with foreign passports doing a CP

    Do you have Photocopy of last passport..? Apply CPP through the consulate from where you got your last Indian Passport..? they will have the record..?
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    Mera Bharat Mahan

    Mere Bharat ke tukada ho gayae or who corrupt India ban gayaye..? Kaha ha Mera Bharat.. who to Barbad ho gayage..? (where is my bharat .. Its has dis-integrated ) Choro naye Loot Dala aur burbad kar diya.. ( Robber have ruthlessly plundered my country ) Lootare sab mantre ban...
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    How to get PCC from Indian Consulate (Chicago)?

    Send it to Washington DC ..may get it within a month send $22 telex charges + $11 Pcc Fees + $5 for postages..? I got it within a month..?