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    Call Ombudsman

    Here, open your mouth, I will spoon feed you :-) Contact the OMBUDSMAN The last question has more info...hth.
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    Call Ombudsman

    See my signature please :) Yes, I did on Jun 19 - I mean posted it on Jun 19 and maybe it was received and entered formally into their system as a case with issues on Jun 21! Yes, I also received a letter(there is a boiler-plate response which has already been posted on the threads here)...
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    Call Ombudsman

    Same here I was planning to write here - thanks wheretogo... I received a voicemail followed up by a call from was a very pleasant lady(Ms Jane(or janus) Jackson or something like that)...she wanted to verify if I had received the card and she could close the case...Although I was...
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    RFE on my I-485

    hmm anandkan, I am sorry cant help with how many LUDS - I used to login to check if tehre were any LUDS in I said, we had given up any hope on approval. So, even if there were, I dont know...sorry...the approval email popped in my inbox and resignedly, I opened to find out "what...
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    Jay Shree Ganesh ---YellowRocks-- Now GREEN ROCKS

    U Rock man, congrats...this is one of the funniest mails abt gc approval I have seen...ur attitude is simply great...onward and forward!
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    StillAlive is always alive from today long journey...dare say, you are a brave man to restart your journey 3 times :-) Truly, you will ALWAYS be STILLALIVE...great guts buddy!
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    Its Done!!!!!

    Congrats Vicky I am very very happy for you :-) Many many congratulations...
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    RFE on my I-485

    Dependant RFE twice for I-693 APPROVED!!! My Sister got approved last friday and got a card production ordered email on Sunday. A long saga, actually for this dependant. Back in 2004, I-485 filed without shots...RFE in May 2005. Responded RFE in Jun 2005 and the case went on back burned owing...
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    Card Ordered Card Mailed Card Received

    Please see my signature. Interestingly, the card is received in a white envelope with ALL THE BEARINGS of your regular credit-card sharks company...Be careful :) I am in MA and cards are manufactured in Louisville, Kentucky.... Approval Notices are mailed from Mesquite Texas...whats...
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    Hallelujah - Surreal But true APPROVED :)

    Just fill out form DHS 7001 If you go to DHS.dov and follow links to OMBUDSMAN, you can see links for case status which allows to fill DHS7001 online and print and mail it or you can download it, print and mail it at your convenience! Hope this helps, Kiran
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    Hallelujah - Surreal But true APPROVED :)

    Thanks everyone...nice to see approval Flood Thanks to everyone...Wow, for the first time in more than 2 months, I managed to stay off from the forum for 2 days :-)( Given I am the obsessive compulsive type.) I already see approvals for many of the old timers...Vicky/MD Rockville...your...
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    Hallelujah - Surreal But true APPROVED :)

    To the tune of Handel's Hallelujah or Beethoven's 9th if you may:D !!!!!!!!!!! It was a routine call to talk to TSC IO and was at the listen to blah blah blah stage. At 641PM, in a most anti-climactic way I began to hear "card production ordered" message during the POJ process :-) and did not...
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    how to write Letter to Ombudsman?

    Its easy Fill form 7001 and mail it in Follow this link download the pdf fill the form sign affix $0.41 stamp and mail it in! Most prolly, you will receive a snail-mail back from them regarding status...I am waiting for mine...
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    interesting crap from Customer rep

    my 2 cents Before this turns into a name-calling cussing thread and infighting amongst ourselves... 1. USCIS TSC IOs are customer service representatives and the job of a CSR is to be polite, extremely polite and ensure answers to customers questions. As I have written before, please for...
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    In October, is retrogression our only hope?

    Jacko I am assuming that in the next 3 months all our cases will be processed depending on how fastly 60k cases can be expedited speedily by uscis. In the light of the unexpected move by USCIS, I am finally being optimistic that "pipeline" cases will be dealt and over with before USCIS goes...
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    old 485 filers read this - ALLS WELL

    I have been doing a lot of reading and am convinced that "documentarily qualified" applicants(all 60K of them) have been pulled up and REQUESTS FOR VISAS have been made to the National Benefits Center. For more on Documentarily qualified(google on Oppenheim Visa office Judiciary or fish the link...
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    Catch 22 - how can VISA numbers be unavailable

    1. Assuming there were like 40k visa numbers as per OMBUDSMAN report 2. and assuming USCIS used up all the numbers, then all of us already have a visa number allocated...So, in the course of the next few months, each of us can expect an approval. 3. Contrarily, if USCIS says Visa numbers...
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    Infopass today

    MaLabor Nice read! When I read abt the black cat - I thought, ohh, here we go again...and when I read the ticket part, I was completely surprised...since u cant get ticketed before 8AM on any street in Boston ;-) (for running out of paisa on the meters...)...But, whats surprising is those...
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    LUD Update today 6/28

    hmm, LUD on a case with Jun 10 2004 485 RD I am tracking all 485 cases with RD of june 10 2004 and there are 8 including mine. There was a LUD chnage on one case yesterday and this LUD changes for me unfortunately...waiting. SO PPL, THEY ARE TOUCHING CASES WITH JUNE 2004 485...
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    Eb3 India Ac -21 Pd 2002 Approved (vsc-> Tsc)

    oops, Congrats, it is so nice not to smile and type at these approvals....let it rain, let it flood independence day youll will never forget for sure!