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    More quota for schedule Schedule A?

    It appears that the AHA and others in the healthcare lobby are planning on pushing for more schedule A EB visas once the 50K special quota is depleted (anticipated for this fall). Here is alink I found.
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    Senate Judiciary Comittee nearing compromise

    It appears that the SJC is nearing compromise and closer to the Kennedy/McCain bill. It seems that Senator Kennedy is the main driving force in this and that he and senator Kyl (who appears somewhat more reasonable than Sen Cornyn in the Cornyn/Kyl duo) have had some discussions on this matter...
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    Any Similar experiences? Opinion Hadron?

    I have an approved physician NIW petition with pending 485s for myself and my wife filed before retrogression for Eb2 India hit last year. My wife recently got her 140 approved (labour Cert based EB3 PD Feb 2002). Although we opted for CP for her petition, I need to find out whether she can...
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    CP vs 485 if your date becomes current?

    Here is a question. If your date were to become current today (assuming your PD is 2001/2/3 since those later are not currently even in the frame) would you file for 485 so you can get the EAD/AP benefits or just go for the CP and hopefully get it all over with faster. I know each person...
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    Anyone seen Lou Dobbs on CNN tonight? The attached immigration provisions in the Budget bills recieved attention. The opponents of the bill sounded as if this bill will likely go through. Opposition to this seems to be mainly in congress and with ultra conservative republicans. I am sure there...
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    Two 485s??

    Hi all, Me and my wife have pending 485s based on a NIW petition on my behalf but with a very recent priority date. My wife has an approved labour and a pending 140 with a much earlier priority date, since her Labour certification took a very long time. My question is if her priority date is...
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    Visa Maze.........Businessweek article. I found this link online. It has some factual errors like stating that we can get greencards in 2 months via PERM. See what you all think, perhaps one of us should write the editor to point out this factual error and at the same time raise...
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    Canada Wants you!

    Imagine all this log jam while other developed countries are wising up and embracing immigrants. I believe in the end America did not get to pole position with protectionist anti immigrant policies, so it should all blow over in a few months...
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    Immigration bills

    Spent a few days looking through some of the immigration bills, senate judiciary comittee testimonies and so on. There is clearly an intent at the legislative level to fix the immigration mess. It seems predominantly focussed on the illegal immigrant problem, but with some provisions for the...
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    PERM vs NIW

    Hi fellow victims, I filed a LC from Mich. in 5/04 and to date haven't heard even that it was transferred to the BPC. So it likely that route is stuck. My 3yr J1 waiver finishes the end of this month. I filed a NIW/485 last month to cap my suffering at 5 yrs. I am thinking of the option of...
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    NIW petition

    Hello fellow victims, I am in the middle of my 3rd year of a J1 waiver commitment in Michigan. I am employed by a local hospital in its FQHC clinic. Needless to say the are fully aware of my weakness and are taking full advantage of it. I have a pending labour certification which is still at...