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    EA approved, relink I-485?

    NIW Nov04, Priority date is based on LC or I-140 receipt date. I don't think it is related to I-485 receipt date. While one may be able to submit I-485 when his/her priority date becomes current, their case cannot be adjudicated unless their priority date is current on a particular date (i.e...
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    EB1-OR and EB1-EA

    hello wouldliketoknow, The reason it is rare is because applicants from visa retrogressed countries has nothing else to gain in terms of priority date. The requirements for EB1-OR is simpler (as it requires you to satisfy fewer criterias) but requires the petition to be submitted by an...
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    Eb1 employment letter

    Perhaps they want to do employment verification which you probably had mentioned in your I-140 petition. Does your proposed job requires people with extraordinary ability or have you had abandoned the job to do something else that has nothing to do with your I-140. This is going to be less...
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    NIW application sent to TSC today...

    ixora78, No problem. TSC will forward your petition to NSC. For the time being, applications sent to wrong service center will not be automatically rejected.
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    EB1-OR cannot be self-petitioned. Your future employer should petition it for you!
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    O1 Visa for Animators

    Find an employer first! If you meet the qualifications, that employer can petition O-visa for you. If you do not qualify, you can still come on other visas. The employer should know this. O-visa cannot be self-petitioned. If you think you are qualified, try EB1-extraordinary ability green card...
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    You do not have to specifically state how many independent citations in your cover letter. It is sufficient to say, how many citations are there for your articles. You can then add a sentence stating the number of citations is increasing rapidly as these papers were only published about a year...
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    There is no harm. However, the content of the "independent" reference letters becomes very critical in this case (i.e., USCIS may not be able to establish your reputation in the filed through the citations alone).
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    POSTDOC'S will be counted for H1B Advanced Degree Cap Count...

    Universities, certain nonproft organizations, etc.. are exempted from numerical cap for H1B purposes. If your H1B is obtained through this exemption, it cannot be directly transferred to a company job. One way around this is to apply for O-visa with the new employer or apply for a green card.
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    Transfer VSC -> TSC

    Perhaps the latest message change is sent by mistake. Anyways, you may want to seek your attorney's advice and try Infopass. Infopass allows you to get an appointment with a local immigration officer. They would be able to answer the status of your application/clarify your case. To do this, go...
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    Transfer VSC -> TSC

    Did you get a hardcopy of approval notice? Sometimes USCIS mistakenly sends out approval/denial notices. I remember reading about a few such cases a while back. Even recently, USCIS had mistakenly sent out approval notices for a few H1B applications and now sending a new notice correcting...
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    NIW 485 RFE please suggest

    eb1doc, I think AC21 is not applicable for NIW and EB1-EA. These are usually self-petitions and therefore the beneficiary is not tied to a particular employer. He/she has to just continue in the same/similar field after I-140 approval.
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    NIW 485 RFE please suggest

    You should be fine. In the letter, you could say that you have made signficant contributions to the understanding of environmental pollution. In your current capacity as a research scientist at ..., you are contributing to... inorganic environment pollutants. The officer who is adjudicating is...
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    EB-2-NIW VSC-->NSC Good OR Bad

    I was simply giving you an example. You typically get an additional LUD after an action is taken. On July 13, you had a LUD and a message change (transfer & interview schedule notice). The next day you got a LUD. This is very common.
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    Loosing H-1B for Company Job

    madgu_gc2005, As eb1doc had suggested, you need to first determine if the message you received is a standard transfer notice or not. If you have been following recent publications and procedural changes at NSC, you will notice the following: 1. Phase II of bi-specialization took effect on...
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    EB-2-NIW VSC-->NSC Good OR Bad

    It is common to get a LUD after an action is taken. You received a message yesterday and there is a LUD change today. This is pretty common. For instance, it is common to get a LUD one day after receiving an approval notice.
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    NIW EB-2 RFE please help!

    eb1a-query, Your significant past accomplishments can be used as a projection of your potential contributions in the future, which could satisfy the third prong by showing that you are significantly better than US citizens with minimal qualifications. You don't have to be top 1-2% for NIW but...
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    Loosing H-1B for Company Job

    First you need to see if the message that you got is a standard transfer notice. If not, you may want to start collecting the necessary original documentations for your interview (USCIS will tell you what evidences that you need to bring to the interview). Sometime getting original and certified...
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    EB-2-NIW VSC-->NSC Good OR Bad

    Your I-485 transfer may not have anything to do with your EB-1 I-140 petition. You need to check if others who had received I-485 transfer notices have similar wording as yours. Otherwise, USCIS really want to scrutinize your case and conduct a personal interview. This definately is going to...
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    Loosing H-1B for Company Job

    Since you might get called for an interview, it might be a good idea to defer your plans to abandon your current job. Having said that, NIW offers greater flexibility as you are not tied to the same employer but need to show that you intent to work in the specific area implied in your I-140. I...