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    San Jose / Counter Rally for Illegal Immigrants Protests

    Suggest folks write back personal stories and ask the editor to highlight the need to raise Legal Immigration issues.. the writer has clearly expressed how the legal immigrants needs to be given consideration : Contact Jessie Mangaliman at jmangaliman@mercurynews. com or (408) 920-5794. They...
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    INS Director on Illegal Aliens

    On CNN, the former director of INS clearly acknowledged that they cannot do much abt the illegal aliens. As they have very little resouces to implement. When the CNN reported asked him, why they cannot arrest, his answer was vague, he said they cannot arrest them !! I see the legals getting a...
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    Bush - Full audio talk @ cisco on Immigration/ competitveness

    Go to - it has the full audio of bush's supportivness for Immigrants into United States to make US Competitive. Bush and Schwarzenegger at Cisco In San Jose, the President leads a panel on economic competitiveness, education and technology. (4/21/06; Length 53:58)
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    India and Social Security Money ! (NASSCOM)

    Folks, Check out this article, perhaps we should write personallised emails to nasscom and karnik to make sure they reinforce this in their talks when they bring up H1 cause. This is a very important step ...
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    EB Retrogession - HOT News !

    Very URGENT : I was talking to a few of my students who work for different companies about this EB Retro issues last week. some of my students have a few hundred consultants working with them in their MNC. They are all purchasing Labor Certs for 2000 to 3000 $ each, and are rushing to file...
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    CBS 60 Minutes - on EB Retro Problem

    Folks, Just loud thinking, if any of you have connections with NBC, CBS, CNN , why not give it a try for " CBS 60 min program " on how legal immigration is a hindrance for because of various factors, and how it leads to America losing bleeding edge in Science, Engg, Medicine and Technology.
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    BEC and 200 K Plus Labour approvals !

    Folks, The recent approvals of old Labours, I suspect even if they approve 200 K, I would assume 60-70 % would have left by now from US, and also with the LC Subst elimination, I think the exisiting EB categ, would progressively move forward. What do you guys think ?
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    Urgent : Law Suit Options for EB/Social Security Claims !

    Guys, wish to ask your opinions on this : I saw some folks who replied to my other posts confused and directionless and are chasing the tail. To start with : (pls read completely before posting comments). Most countries have Tax Treaties, so the money from SS does go out. Please go and...
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    A suggetion for all EB Affected Folks !!!

    I agree with some of you that Lawsuit may be a fitting answer to the EB Retro problem. I do not want to discourage the hopes of folks who have put a lot off efforts to get the attention of the mandarins. I strongly - support the move for Class A law suit for taking the engineers for a...
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    How to get S1932 /8001 PASSED EFFECTIVELY

    Can u guys call mayor and city officalis and tell them ? Pls do drop all your replies to s1932 form of Sunjoshi. Here is the gist of what we need to do to get this passed, !! Call local tv stations and local mayor, city officials of New orleans, Louisiana and also request news paper...