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    Sir, my name check..:)) Hilarious!

    :p:p Must read! Real phone conversation by someone i know with USCIS Rep.... All the calls are by same person....:p Call1: Sir, I applied for AOS in July'07, is my name check clear? Rep: Your name check cleared in Aug Call2 : Sir, is my name check clear? Rep: Your name check cleared in...
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    Switching from EAD to H-1, in case....

    If somebody has an existing EAD and H-1b, can one switch to the H-1b if he/she was working on the EAD and not on the H-1b. This is just in case there is a problem with the AOS. Unless the H-1b employer does not cancel/inform USCIS, is it posible to go back to work for the same employer having...
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    How to expedite AP

    I saw somewhere on the can expedite an AP in life/death kind of cases. Please post details here.... Thanks
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    H-1b validity and I-485

    If an employee on H-1b leaves the employer before I485 pending for 180 days 1. Is the employer supposed to inform USCIS to cancel the H-1b right away or it can wait. If yes, how is that different from the employer informing USCIS to revoke I-140. 2. If the lawyer is not supposed to inform...
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    Working outside US while AOS pending

    Is there a clarification on working outside the US while 485 is pending. The work will be for not the company filing the AOS/I-485 Does USCIS allow processing of the GC while being outside the country. Given 800K applications, it may take anywwhere beween 5-10 years of wait till the GC gets...
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    App. 14,000 visas wasted

    As per early indications, the number of wasted visas for 2007 are 14,000...:mad::mad:
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    Tax Status while on AOS/EAD

    If you are not a permanent resident i.e. on a EAD card and filed for AOS, do you pay taxes as US citizens if you move out of the country or pay taxes as per rules of the citizenship of your country with the other country you are residing in? No guesses please, please allude to any statute if...
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    How many visas will be wasted????

    There are about 10 calendar and 5 working days until this year's visa quota expires. Highly doubt if USCIS approved 60K cases until June'07. Any ideas on how many visas r going to be wasted this year.... Can anything proactive be done about this???
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    Is there a reason to ask for expediting GC when you have EAD??

    Is there a reason that somebody can ask for expediting GC when one has an EAD? I guess other than 'I am waiting for a while', children getting aged out etc, is there a legitimate reason for being able to do so.... Experts please share your thoughts. Also, let's participate in the Sep 18th...
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    Wife got EAD 10 days ago, still waiting for mine??

    Does everybody get EAD's together with their dependents?? Got EAD for wife, still waiting for mine. Approvals for both on the same day, 08/23. Any clues here?? Thanks
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    Phone number to speak to Immigration Officer??

    Looking for phone number to speak to a immigration officer at TSC. Filed for I-485. Thanks....
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    LUD's?? How to track those>>

    I loaded up my case number for I-485 on the USCIS system and have seen the LUD change on the 31st of Aug and the 3rd of Sep. However I do not get email notification for those on the email although I did check that option and it says 'Y' on email. Maybe I am issing something. How does everybody...
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    Filers in July who got approvals on I-485/GC's, pls update

    Please update here if you filed for AOS in July and have got I-485 approved or any movement towards approval. This is not to track receipt notices or EAD's. We may see things move quickly in the last month of the year for USCIS i.e. September.
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    Current! Current! - All

    USCIS seems to be accepting all applications send by June 30th. Seems to be the big news that IV was taking about....
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    Rally for jailed guy convicted for having Oral Sex

    This is on Can't we organize something like this. I guess we have a very legitimate reason. Unless we do that, politicians/media will not care for legal immigrants. There is some coverage in newspapers around USCIS and AILF law suit but not enough. Please drop in your ideas....They...
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    File Law Suit against USCIS with AILF for your protection

    Here are the reasons file a case against USCIS 1. There is precedance of 1986 when illegals were stopped from filing adj. of status in local USCIS offices. A class action law suit went on for years, illegals got EAD's and GC's 2. If you have a law suit, you can use a immigration lawyer to...
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    EAD and Tax Status

    If you r on an EAD and you work outside US 1) How do u keep your EAD active/current. 2) Do you pay taxes as a US citizen at US rates or as a foreign national at the rates as established by the treaty between your country and the other country. No guesses Please!
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    Retrogression Done! Enjoy! Watch this, At Last! Today we Enjoy! Congratulations to everyone out of Retrogression!
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    Anybody has a Labor to part with?

    Looking for a labor with current priority dates. Please send email addresess.
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    Virginia Tech - Increase everybody's stakes!

    I am surprised to see immigration issues are being neglected by america. Vir.Tech happened because one guy had no stake in his life or in his relatives' lives. How does that work with 20 million illegal immigrants living in the country and all the legal immigrants who seem to be neglected. Not...